Welcome to Idyllwild’s 2nd-annual Lemon Lily Festival

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By Denise Huntington & Doug Yagaloff, 2011 Festival Co-Chairs, and From Members of the 2011 Festival Steering Committee

The community of Idyllwild and Festival organizers welcome you to Idyllwild’s 2nd-annual Lemon Lily Festival. The 2010 Festival was a huge success and a first step in accomplishing the three ongoing goals of our mission: celebration, education and restoration of our precious native wildflower, the Lemon Lily (Lilium parryi).

Last summer, Idyllwild turned out to celebrate our Lemon Lily and to welcome the thousands of visitors who made the trip up the Hill to join us. Local community groups planned and produced many events. Hundreds of Idyllwild residents became Lemon Lily experts and educators and volunteered as Lemon Lily Ambassadors throughout the weekend.

Lemon lily

The Festival Steering Committee has been working hard to make sure this year’s festival will be even better. We now know so much more about the Lemon Lily than when we began two years ago. We have surveyed more areas of the mountain, grown Lemon Lilies in our greenhouse at the Idyllwild Nature Center, and watched the bulbs and seeds planted last October come to life, just as we had hoped.

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