20 fabulous Idyllwild finds

Mighty Handy Little Light USB-Connection Charging Safety Light $21.95 at The Hub

Sweet As Can Bee Local Wildflower Honey - $13.99 for a quart at Grandpa’s House of Jerky (The Fort)

Decorate the Cabin! “What Happens in the Cabin ...” metal sign $14.95 at Forest Whispers (The Fort)

Pine Bench Handmade by Artist Martin Jones $135 at Forest Furniture Gallery (Village Lane)

No Two the Same Collectible Dolls, Handmade by Rebecca Krasovich $12-$70 at What’s New Buy You/Florist in the Forest

Tin Piggy Painted Piggy Bank - $12.50 at Far East Gifts (The Fort)

Archeology Meet Art Anasazi Pottery Shard With Kensington Turqoise $155 at Everitt’s Minerals & Gallery

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