Outside Idyllwild: Winter tips for outside and inside …

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First light, the morning after the season’s first snow. Photo by Dan Neuman

Now it’s winter again and all I can say to Idyllwild’s newcomers is welcome to the Hill. I hope you enjoy the change of seasons.

After talking to a few newcomers and offering some tips on staying warm in the fall and winter months, I was asked to write this column and offer some of my ideas for staying warm both inside and outside.

Let’s start with a few tips for keeping the outside from coming inside. First, if you are living in that cool shady cabin that was great in the summer time, you now know that cool and shady means it is cold in the winter.

If you don’t have dual-pane windows, you can get some clear plastic from the hardware store and make a reasonable facsimile by simply putting plastic over your windows with a staple gun. If the windows are hard to reach from the outside you can use it on the inside, like for second story windows. Nothing is more alarming then seeing the curtains blowing in the wind when the windows are closed. This will stop the problem.

Weather stripping the doors of your home will cut down on drafts. If you have large gaps on the bottom, you can seal them with a rubber skirt (sorry, I don’t know the official name) or, in an emergency, a rolled up towel held in place by something heavy, can do the trick.

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