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Two weeks ago in this column, I encouraged you to consider getting involved with one of the many local organizations. As I have written in the past, volunteerism not only helps the community, but most individuals benefit from the participation.

They might make new friends, find a reason to become more active or another of many possibilities than could improve their lives as well as the organization’s customers or clients.

I anticipated that my list would unintentionally omit one of these valuable groups and within the week, good friend and very active local volunteer Ron Perry sent a message identifying the omission of the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council.

Mortification and embarrassment were how I felt. I’m very much aware of the good work the FSC and its Woodies accomplish every month. How could I have forgotten them?

Mike Esnard, FSC president, writes a monthly column for the paper.

Mea culpa. I don’t have an acceptable answer. They and you will just have to accept my apology, “I’m sorry.”

Nevertheless, my mistake doesn’t explain some apparent apathy within our community. Two important groups have failed to attract sufficient interest for more than a year. I wonder why and hope some readers will provide us with reasonable answers.

The Historic Preservation District Local Review Board remains dormant, despite the county board of supervisors approving Ordinance 578 in July 2011. The board is constituted for five members and we’re aware that at least four have submitted applications. A fifth, unless one of the original four withdrew, was submitted a few months ago, but the staff for Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone has not been able to get the names from his office to full board’s agenda.

Despite the staff’s lack of alacrity, one wonders why residents seem uninterested in helping organize and create the board’s initial voyage. The ordinance originated after a San Diego attorney began suing Julian businesses for failing to comply with federal and state disability laws.

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