Lola’s Kitchen: An unexpected treat …

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About a month ago I received an unexpected email. It was from my stepdaughter, Kathryn Gille. We had lost touch and have since reconnected.

It had been about three years since we have seen each other. I thought she may have aged a little but no, she never ages. She is tall and beautiful.

When I introduced her to friends, I jokingly asked if they noticed the striking resemblance. Kathryn has dark hair and big blue eyes, and she towers over me.

Most of the weekend was spent catching up on our lives. I had a thoroughly wonderful weekend.

Friday night we had dinner at the Gastrognome. I had the trout. Yummy. Along with my martini, the trout was great. It was the second time I had ordered the trout in two weeks and if you haven’t tried it, it’s so good.

Next we hit the Idyll Awhile wine bar, sipped wine and listened to Sandii Castleberry sing her heart out. We headed to the Lumber Mill to catch some dancing music and sip more wine. OK, we did sip a bit of wine.

We headed home late. I’m not used to staying out so late, so I slept in Saturday.

Saturday night we dined at La Bella Montagna. I had pasta with their marinara sauce. Wonderful. Kathryn ordered the pasta with jumbo shrimp. When I saw her plate I wanted it. She did share a couple of shrimp with me.

Then it was off to Jo’An’s to listen to Juls Phillips and Frank Orlando perform and, of course, sip more wine. I tried to give Kathryn a culinary overview of Idyllwild in one weekend. We had to cram it in. Sunday brunch at fhe Gastrognome finished the weekend.

She went home to San Marcos on Monday. I miss her already. Kathryn is beautiful inside and out. OK, now I am boasting. It was a great weekend with excellent dining experiences.

Now I have somewhere to go when I take a vacation — San Marcos.

Thank you all for letting me share my weekend with you. No recipe this month, just my story. Enjoy.

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