La Cocina de Lola: Eulogy for a friend

A little over two years ago, I was walking my dog on the Center for Prayer property where I rented a cabin. A sedan was leaving and the driver stopped and said, “Hi.” I looked into those beautiful green eyes and at the friendly smile, and I just knew we would be friends. Sitting next to him was his lovely girlfriend, Annie. 

They had just rented the cabin across the way from me. The three of us became friends. They were at my cabin when Annie said she was expecting — so exciting.

Much has been said about Scott Foster’s accomplishments, of which there are many. I knew him on a more personal level. His sense of humor was tops in my book. Laughing is healthy and Scottie gave me many laughs.

Another gift Scottie gave me was his mother, Maria, a good friend and special person in my life.On more than one occasion I would mention to Maria that Scottie was mine not hers. She would jokingly say I could have him.

I’ll give you an idea of what Scottie’s sense of humor was like. Those of you who know me will understand this story. Maria and I went to Jo’An’s Restaurant on Open Mic night. We had just walked into the restaurant. Scottie was holding the mic and said, (I am paraphrasing somewhat),  “There are several types of animals in Idyllwild: your coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, and then there are your cougars.” Scott then nodded at me. Half of the diners turned in my direction. Good thing I have a sense of humor.

I miss him walking into the Town Crier and saying, “Hi, Lola.” It is hard to believe he is gone, I go to Jo’An’s or Idyll Awhile and expect him to walk in any moment with his warm smile.

And now this is to Scottie: I miss you and will never forget you, my friend. You took a part of my heart with you but it’s OK. I willingly gave it up. I have been going online and watching the the short clip of “The Herd Gathering” just to hear your voice and see your smile, although the end is so hard to watch with you holding up little baby Zion.

For Annie: I haven’t spoken with you for a while, however, I think of you and Zion daily. Perhaps we can get together soon and tell Scottie stories.

This is the hardest column I have ever written. My heart hurts.

No food column this month.

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