Obituary: Donald Sterling

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Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

Loved by many, changed by most, Donald “Don” Sterling, 72, died of lung cancer on the morning of Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Donald was a resident of Idyllwild for about 30 years where he lived with his wife, Robin Sterling, and their daughter, Dawn Marie Sterling.

Donald was well known in this town by his former nickname, Chief. This nickname was used by many locals here from the 1980s on.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Don eventually ended up in this small town where he lived his life to the fullest.

He was well known at the local lake, Lake Hemet, where he fished every morning for more than 10 years until his illness began to take over. Loved by many, changed by most, Donald Sterling will long live in the hearts of many.

“Rest in peace, Daddy. I love you.” Dawn Marie

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