Health on the Hill: Gobble de gobble …

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Gobble gobble everywhere, a gobble here, a gobble there; 

Take a bite, two or three, both hands now, rapidly;

A morsel, smidgen, pinch and bit can’t do harm if eaten quick;

I’ll make it up and join a gym, I tell myself as I wipe my chin;

This can’t be wrong, can’t be a sin, my eyes getting wider, my lips forming a grin;

As I load my plate with all it can hold, at least the extra layer will stave off the cold.

This is the time of year we all attempt to display as much self-discipline as humanly possible, especially if you’re from a town, family or ethnicity that favors sweets.

I grew up on the East Coast and was exposed to the rich culinary diversity of New York, Philly and the Boardwalk that runs along much of the South Jersey Coast. The food there is full of big flavors and the desserts are among the best in the world. Combine that reputation with the holidays and, well, the only thing to say is, “Marone.”

Why am I reminding you that the gauntlet of delectable, delightful, soft-warm, sweet morsels of information are going to be bombarding your senses? Because it is OK. Eating processed sugars, fried fatty foods and excess grains on a daily basis is bad and will eventually lead to accumulation of body fat. However, this is not every day and so long as you stay within your own tolerances for sugars, fats, etc., for your personal heath regime, cheating a few days is not only not bad it can be a welcome break both mentally and physically.

Now get yourself off the couch, button your pants again and remember that all you just ate is the rocket fuel your body needs to get through that resolution you’re getting ready to make once again.

We in the health and fitness community on the Hill would like to wish all a very happy, safe and insightful holiday season. The gift we give to you is our professional knowledge and willingness to work with anyone for the common good of everyone.

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