Many attend Brewpub’s soft opening

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Don Put, head brewer at the new Idyllwild Brewpub.
Photo by JP Crumrine

The beer vats and kettles used to craft the beer for the Idyllwild Brewpub. Photo by JP Crumrine

Geoff Brown, executive chef for both the Brewpub and Ferro, and Ivan Borntrager, sous chef and assistant brewer, worked the kitchen during the Idyllwild Brewpub weekend’s opening.
Photo by JP Crumrine

The crowd at Friday’s soft opening for the Idyllwild Brewpub had a great time and enjoyed the libations.
Photo by JP Crumrine

Among the opening night crowd at the Idyllwild Brewpub was Conor O’Farrell, actor, Town Crier columnist and occasional bartender. Photo by JP Crumrine

Conor O’Farrell tends bar at the Idyllwild Brewpub. Photo by Peter Szabadi

Michael Ferro pours a flight of beers during last weekend’s soft opening. Photo by Peter Szabadi

The interior of the Idyllwild Brewpub, where the musicians will normally set up. Photo by JP Crumrine

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