Readers Write: Stop the pot shops

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Two new pot shops and a grow house on Highway 243 in the center of town. Really? Perhaps the majority of Idyllwild residents support this use. I suspect not.

I don’t recall grow houses and pot shops listed as allowed activities within the zoning classifications or plot plans of these buildings.Whether it’s another liquor store, brewpub or pot shop, Idyllwild residents have control.

Does Chuck Washington want grow houses and pot shops in his neighborhood? Chance are no for obvious reasons.

It’s not just about increased, unwanted off-Hill client use/sales, whether a person has a right to smoke pot in their home without children/neighbors exposed, intoxicated drivers on our roads, co-workers dealing with intoxication fallout or increased burglaries funding these expensive habits/addictions, but most importantly, a community coming together, choosing what direction it wants to take, as clearly stated within the new pot law. Don’t let another business owner rip at Idyllwild’s fabric.

Let’s end this now. Fifty protester signs are a good start, followed by alot of well-placed phone calls.

Contact the United States Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, Riverside Branch Office, Suite 200, 3403 Tenth Street, Riverside, CA 92501, 855-700-2768 (toll free), 951-368-1488 (complaints)  and contact Supervisor Chuck Washington, Riverside County, 3rd District, 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92501, 951-955-1030 (office), 951-955-2194 (fax).

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove

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  1. Supervisor Washington’s office is watching. Step it up Idyllwild.


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