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Becky Clark is editor and publisher of the Idyllwild Town Crier.

Out Loud: One of the good ones …

Regularly, a new person blows into town with ideas they almost always manage to bring to the newspaper office. Such was the case more than five years ago when a man discovered Pine Cove as a marvelous place to plant an abused women’s shelter. Residents justifiably questioned the legitimacy of the operation and evidence proved […]

Name released in fatal crash

The name of the rider of the 2011 Honda motorcyle who died in a fiery crash on Sunday afternoon, April 27, has been released by the Riverside County  Coroner’s office. Walter George Krumbach, 54, of El Segundo, was killed when he slammed into the driver’s side door of a 2014 Coachman RV, driven by Nancy […]

Out Loud: Palms to Pines Magazine launches

This week, watch for the “Palms to Pines Magazine,” which launches May 1. We are quite excited with the content and look, as well as the distribution area that will include not only Idyllwild and the desert cities, but San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. We felt that as the Idyllwild Visitors Center, […]

Out Loud: Brown Act winners and losers

Over the years I have chastised numerous local boards for Brown Act violations. Every water district and the fire district have experienced it. Violations usually occur in the form of special meetings but the parties involved feel the Brown Act either doesn’t apply to them or that since they are volunteers in a small community, […]

Out Loud: The Brown Act …

Two Idyllwild Fire groups committed numerous and parallel Brown Act violations on March 18, when both a quorum of commissioners and a quorum of the Finance Committee visited the dispatch command center in Perris. Multiple violations of both groups within this agency occurred because the meetings were neither noticed nor opened to the public. A […]

Out loud: Pet food …

You know those websites offering free samples with just a click and then, after you click once, you find endless requirements to click through offers until you get to the offer you sought in the beginning — or you’ve completely forgotten the dang offer? They are appropriately called websites because I got caught like a […]

Out Loud

One of my recent columns urged folk to pick out a local good nonprofit cause to receive their volunteer time and monetary donations. The Town Crier has decided to take our own suggestion by unofficially affiliating itself with the Friends of the Idyllwild Library and the library itself. Our library has enjoyed a long and […]

Out Loud: Party animals …

Jack and I recently observed the massive number of events and causes such a small town produces, sometimes so massive that people may just sit back and let them all go by without supporting any. To name a few: theater performances; musical events; art shows and events; author and speaker series; raffles; tours; dance performances; […]

Out Loud: More changes, all good …

The Town Crier is transforming in look and feel, as well as location, as we adapt to changes in our environment. We launch the April 3 edition with a brand-new look, as well as a new website, an event I mentioned to you in an earlier column this year. In that edition, we will be […]

Out Loud: Just one last bite …

The Ye family immigrated from mainland China, Shanghai, specifically, and took up residence in Idyllwild. In 1988, Freeman Ye took over the iconic Chinese restaurant on Cedar Street, Hidden Village. The award-winning chef created his own style of Chinese cooking — adapted for American tastes but more exceptional than most Chinese restaurants. Our children grew […]

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