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Off the main roads: Have you ever wondered? …

Hiking around these mountains you may see all sorts of things in nature that just seem designed to boggle the mind. 1. Why is your pine tree foaming at the mouth in the rain? Don’t be alarmed; it doesn’t need rabies shots. The formation of a crude soap on the bark from fatty acids in […]

Off the main roads: Outdoor skills from local experts …

One of the best ways I’ve found to get myself outside and enjoying nature is to take up a new outdoor skill. While some people can just adopt a new activity without investing much learning time, most of us need some coaching. That’s why I recommend learning your new skill from a true expert in […]

Off the Main Roads: Hiking gear, time to retire? …

It’s supported you loyally throughout the years, but bringing worn-out gear into the back country can do you far more harm than good. Here’s a quick guide for when to replace key gear. Boots: Your boots should be allowed to go hike the great trail in the sky when: Your soles wear thin and smooth. […]

Off the main roads: The five Ws of outdoor exploration …

The five Ws of outdoor exploration …   Take a walk with your kids in the wild and discover some of the incredible plants and creatures right outside your doorstep.Educating yourself ahead of time on the natural wonders of your neighborhood will leave you an “outdoor expert” armed with an arsenal of fun impromptu lessons […]

Off the main roads: Be found faster …

Admit it, you’re lost. It’s a scary feeling, especially if you’ve been out for more than one day, even more so if you have hurt yourself badly enough that you can’t travel far. In addition to your 10 essentials and adequate preparation for your trip, here’s a (not comprehensive) list of some goodies that might […]

Off the main roads, Tips: Big hikes for little ones …Oct. 10, 2013

A recent hike with my exuberant little niece made me think of how important it is to get your kids out into nature. Here are a few tips to help you addict your kids to hiking. • Make it fun. If you want your kids to be excited to go hiking with you again, don’t […]

Off The Main Roads: Plastic fantastic …

Hiking up the steep slope of a mountain can be hot and sweaty. The refreshingly cool feeling of raindrops merrily pelting off your head in a sudden downpour is a welcome relief. Getting rained on can be fun, but it’s easy to get chilled to the bone if you’re not properly prepared. As we’ve seen […]

Off the Main Roads: Permit? But I’m a local …

Next time you get annoyed when a ranger asks you for your permit, sit back and think for a moment. Do you like to hike our local trails? Look at the nice, smooth trail stretching out in front of you. It’s so easy to only see what is in front of us, and not all […]

Idyllwild’s trails:  A menu of outdoor pleasures

Idyllwild’s trails: A menu of outdoor pleasures

The Idyllwild area has trails to meet every need.

Off the Main Roads: Eating for hiking – how to heal …

Why is it that some people seem to bounce back and be ready for another day of hiking right away, while others may well be limping around in misery for days afterwards? Understanding healing Any strenuous activity such as hiking causes some damage to the body. This damage causes inflammation that kicks off the cycle […]

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