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Past Tense: Feb. 9, 2012

Past Tense: Feb. 9, 2012

55 years ago – 1957 US Marines from Camp Pendleton moved into the Dark Canyon-Pine Flats area to begin a series of winter maneuver operations in the snow. 50 years ago – 1962 Noble Aller, of Idyllwild, Hemet Unified School Sistrict trustee, accepted appointment as the combined districts’ spokesman on the area school unification committee. […]

Creature Corner: Feb. 2, 2012

Creature Corner: Feb. 2, 2012

Boo! Now you see me; now you don’t. What a week it’s been with Boo, the Chiweenie and his tricks. He’s safe and at home now. Kona, and Titan have been reunited once again with their human. Looks like Amadeus, the German shepherd wagged his tail right into the hearts of his new family. Paws up to you.

Past Tense: Feb. 2, 2012

65 years ago – 1947 The highlight of the week was Mike and Dorothy Michelsen opening their long awaited Fern Valley Market. The opening took place after 12 months of all sorts of delays and problems, according to the couple. “Alpine” is the market’s name. 60 years ago – 1952 Two couples from Los Angeles […]

Before Our Time: Homes evolve, too …

One of the charms of living here on the Hill is the welcome absence of typical Southern California tract housing. As soon as I settled here and began walking about the neighborhoods, I was struck by the endless variety of our residences. Just try to find any two exactly alike! That shouldn’t be surprising, given […]

Fire and Forest: A system that lasts …

We at the council are looking for a fire safe future that endures. In more popular terms, we seek a sustainable future, one that involves successful community action that can easily continue for generations, providing both fire safety and a healthy forest. We think this is possible. Perhaps our biggest problem is how fire prevention […]

Outside Idyllwild: The Aguana-Butterfield Overland Mail Station and other stories

Outside Idyllwild: The Aguana-Butterfield Overland Mail Station and other stories

On the last Sunday of January, in the 5:20 a.m. darkness, I drove down to my friend Christine’s place in Aguanga. Christine Fogg Horton is both a life-long artist and photographer extraordinaire. I have been seeing many of her beautiful landscapes on Facebook for the last year or so and I could not wait for […]

That Was Yummy! Yummy buttermilk pancakes …

Dear That was yummy, Could you please share an easy recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes? I am having a large family breakfast and would love to serve pancakes along with the bacon and sausage. Thank you, Blanca Pacas Glendale, CA Dear Blanca, This recipe is so good, the pancakes melt in your mouth. Enjoy! Fluffy Buttermilk […]

Tax Tips: A kinder, friendlier IRS and FTB?

I think it was back when George H.W. Bush was president that there was an effort to create a kinder, friendlier Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With the current budgetary pressures in Washington and the reluctance of Congress to reduce spending or to pass new taxes, there is an effort to make up a part of […]

Sustainability: Lighting the way to sustainability and savings …

Idyllwild Arts Academy (IAA) has substantial outside lighting requirements for visibility and safety. Students, faculty and visitors are often out in darker hours, going to and from dorms and the dining hall, the library and various art studios, or attending on-campus performances and recitals. To assure these needs, IAA has an annual utility bill totaling more than a half million dollars. Consequently, the school has a strong incentive to undertake a sustainability program. So, outside lighting is one of many areas we have been looking at. Plus, many of us have outside lighting needs at home.

Outside Idyllwild: Idyllwild scenic spots …

Outside Idyllwild: Idyllwild scenic spots …

About four years ago, I wrote a column about a hiker asking me if there were any “sights to see” up ahead on the trail. I was just coming down from Saddle Junction (he was heading up). This inquiry surprised me and I answered, “Just more of the same; trails, mountain peaks, trees and rocks.” […]

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