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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: ARF accepts donations

For the record, Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) is most definitely accepting donations and truly needs them. Madelaine’s writing of ARF’s quote “We are no longer accepting donations” was truncated. It should have read, “We are no longer accepting donations from you [Madelaine].” While seemingly incredible for any nonprofit to refuse a donation, ARF did […]

Opinion: Changing the building permit process

A few months back, I circulated a petition asking for a revision of the building permit process to handle certain things that needed to be fixed. Mostly I focused on the cost and complexity of the process. In about a week, 100 people signed the petition and I subsequently met with [3rd District] Supervisor [Jeff] […]

Opinion: ARF dedicated to the lost animals

I’m sorry. You have reached a number that is disconnected. If you are trying to reach the Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild, they are no longer in service. Due to lack of donations and volunteers, ARF will not be open and all calls will be forwarded to Animal Control. Good luck. Is this true? No. […]

Opinion: Donations not accepted

I guess the “Angel of the Year” awarded me has fallen and lost her wings. We continued our fund-raising for ARF by gathering money from donation boxes left in several places. However, when we entered ARF House, last week, with these money in hand, I was greeted with: “We are no longer accepting donations.” Wow! […]

Opinion: Mayor Max did his job

I love visiting Idyllwild and I heard they were electing a four-legged mayor as a fundraiser for ARF. I thought this was a great idea! After the election, I saw this terrible article attacking the winner and his campaign manager (Phyllis Mueller) so I did a little research. This was a fundraiser designed to generate […]

Opinion: Concerts in the park

In a recent letter [in the Aug. 2, 2012 edition of the Town Crier], a citizen who attends the Thursday evening concerts in the park complained about the noise and general distraction of children running around the park and stage. She characterized the kids as disrespectful and opined that parents were missing out on a […]

Opinion: Motley IFPD issues

Life goes on and nothing changes. Two, three, four, or perhaps five grand juries will do the trick. Property tax funded radios, and heart monitor links never purchased. Really? No problem, Stone just doubled the Pine Cove and mountain property tax funded contract, maybe that will buy the monitors, hmmm. The Pine Cove parcel tax […]

Opinion: Fire fee appropriate cost for here

Regarding “Coming soon to mailboxes in rural Riverside County: A new fire tax!” [in the Aug. 2 issue of the Town Crier]. Unless I’m missing something, the concept of a surcharge for fire protection in the WUI (wildland urban interface) seems more than reasonable. I realize that fire protection in Pine Cove (and Idyllwild) costs […]

Opinion: Concerts in the park

I had the pleasure of attending the concert with the Coachella Valley Symphony on July 26 at the Idyllwild Community Center venue. After reading the letters [in the Aug. 2 issue of the Town Crier] commenting on the noise the children made while playing in the Children’s Playground during the concert, I feel it necessary […]

Opinion: Guns 2

Gun control? No. How about criminal control? The looney in Colorado will get a trial. When convicted he’ll get an automatic appeal. Then there’ll be another and another. He’ll quite probably die of old age in prison. Instead we need to come down hard and fast on this class of criminal. One trial with a […]

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