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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: What goes around comes around

In the Town Crier’s April 19 edition, an article titled “May Valley Closure” caught my eye. It described “old road beds” which were used for hiking, horseback and mountain biking as being now closed. It said these “old unclassified trails” in the May Valley area are now being closed to all, due to erosion because […]

Opinion: Further thoughts or further fabrications?

In last week’s Readers write, a Pine Cove resident addressed what she considered fabrications regarding IFPD’s provision of ambulance service to Pine Cove. The author of last week’s letter should take her own advice to ensure that her comments are supported by fact.

Opinion: We can rid the crime together

My family has been here since the late 1930s to early 1940s, and I have never seen the Sheriffs log with so many burglaries.

Opinion: Five-minute drive can save a life

My neighbor in Pine Cove is battling a terminal illness. [Idyllwild Interim Fire Chief] Sherman’s statements to terminate the ambulance service contract with the people of Pine Cove only add to her uncertainty and suffering. A safe community on the Hill is a united community. Together in awareness, together in networking, together in action. For […]

Opinion: Further thoughts on IFPD’s contract

Janis Van Zanten’s letter fascinated me. I appreciate when the authors of letters to the editor do their research and can comment intelligently. I am amazed by the ones that act like gophers and pop up on the rare occasion with no information to back up their fabrications. As a former member of the County […]

Opinion: Golden eagles? Yes!

I was reading “Outside Idyllwild, Halfway Spring …” in the Town Crier’s March 29 edition. Golden eagles in Idyllwild! Now that explains everything. Here’s my story, I was returning to L.A. about 2 years ago, we had just come into Hemet from Mountain Center after a two-day stay. During that time, we had seen the […]

Opinion: CSA 38 board complicit in ambulance service loss

I was sorry to read that because of the complaints from a few people that we are losing our ambulance service to Pine Cove from IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District]. This same group of complainers has complained forever to IFPD about everything, most of it isn’t even their business. Some of these people serve on […]

Opinion: Marrow donors

I recently read about an organization that has a national registry that offers people from 18 to 59 years old the opportunity to donate a bone marrow transfusion to someone with leukemia. A Q-tip swab on the inside of the cheek is all that is needed from the potential donors. Donating marrow has no long-term […]

Opinion: Town Hall play area

Last September the Riverside County closed the play yard set at Town Hall [because they] deemed it unsafe. It was “fenced in” with flimsy orange plastic. To date, nothing has been done, but a lot of buck passing. In my opinion, it needs to be removed at once. As I understand real estate law, anything […]

Opinion: Much talent available here

What an amazing privilege it is to live in Idyllwild. Not only are we cradled in the heart of nature and its magnificent beauty, we live in a community of caring, talented and truly interesting people. In addition to these attributes, we are able to enjoy outstanding art and music from our own world-class artists […]

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