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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Senior housing

Isn’t it time we had some senior housing right here in Idyllwild? Over the last 10 years alone, we’ve seen friends who are longtime, happy residents forced to move off the Hill, often because they simply can’t continue to live alone in their homes. Often their hearts are broken, leaving the town they love; they’re […]

Opinion: Listen to the voters

You added “Capparelli’s reappointment to the commission was done during a public meeting” to my last letter. It was a public meeting, but the public’s voice was not heard. [Former] President Pete Capparelli and Vice President Paul Riggi had just been voted out of office, rejected by the people in our general election. They lost […]

Opinion: The emperor’s new clothes

IFPD does not deserve a rate increase and Riverside County Fire should take over IFPD. In fact CAL FIRE should be granted the $150 per parcel abatement fee. In addition CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire and Riverside County Code Enforcement should be given this task. IFPD has gravely neglected its abatement responsibilities. Just look at the […]

Opinion: Drivers be careful

To the driver of the white Nissan Armada that failed to stop at the base of your driveway before pulling out onto Highway 74. You caused me to slam on my brakes to avoid broadsiding you, which would have resulted in certain injury to both of us, not to mention the destruction of both of […]

Opinion: Overland Trail

Many of your readers may be interested to know that the route of the Butterfield Overland Mail was the route of the Great Southern Overland Trail which brought more gold seekers to California in 1849 than the better known California Trail far to the north. In addition, it was the route followed by the Army […]

Opinion: Chamber president resigns

As of Feb. 1, I have resigned as President of the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce. While my reasons are personal, my belief in the community as a whole has not wavered. I thank all of those who have supported the chamber in its endeavors while I have been a part of it. Please remember that […]

Opinion: Hill MAC history

I was on Hill MAC, for a number of years with meetings every month and the same thing happened every month. Board members would show up and we would be lucky to have one or two people from the public show. Every month, the president would be the one to bring up a subject to […]

Opinion: Ambulance service in jeopardy

I still think the fire commission is fully responsible. For months, before the general election, it should have been warning us of crisis. Instead there were only a few editorials in the paper (by our Crumrine) and letters from Jeff Smith. Buchanan (now commissioner) at the debate said not to vote for the increase, until […]

Opinion: IIFC audience choice award

Kudos to Steve [Savage] and Phil [Calderone] for a well-run festival. It introduces new people to our hamlet, and with the exceptionally low price to locals for four days of entertainment, we felt privileged to attend. The opening night party was well-attended and we devoured the great grub and swell spirits. However, the awards ceremony […]

Opinion: Re-establish the Municipal Advisory Commitee

I live in Idyllwild Calif., where [3rd District] Supervisor [Jeff] Stone has flatly refused to re-establish the Hill MAC (Municipal Advisory Council) because (as he stated to six members of Sustainable Idyllwild at a meeting several years ago) he is too busy meeting with private groups in private (we cannot attend those meetings) handing out […]

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