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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: It’s not that bad!

Oh boy, so now we have an issue of the Town Crier that lets each of our crybabies vent at the same time. The Thanksgiving — four-day holiday [Nov. 24 issue] — brings all the tourists and second homeowners to the Hill. We are inundated by out-of-towners. And at a time when we should “put […]

Opinion: Whose community center?

As a small community, we are certainly not represented by ICRC/ICC [the Idyllwild Community Recreation council or the Idyllwild Community Center committee]. Since Idyllwild is not incorporated, we have no mayor nor council members to hear our complaints. We are relegated to sharing our complaints or praise in this quaint little newspaper. We can write […]

Opinion: Capparelli in the revolving door

Can someone please explain how local politics work around here? We just had a general election. It was well publicized and well debated. Our fire department is in financial trouble, going from $1 million in reserves to $60,000 with very little accounting. The people of Idyllwild spoke loudly, strongly rejecting and voting out their president, […]

Opinion: Watching the county

I am responding to the letter from the new Town Hall employee, Susan Swanson [in the Nov. 17 issue of the Town Crier]. I agree with her that the children are our most important asset. I created and implemented the Forest Friends Preschool at Town Hall in 2005. I have been teaching children for over […]

Opinion: Property taxes and Idyllwild

Should IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] seek higher property taxes to pay its bills? Absolutely not! This won’t fix its crumbling foundation, enabled by careless and uncontrolled spending. Its employees are paid higher than any other firefighter in the region, in some cases more than double. They have a full ride on their retirements, an […]

Opinion: Smart Meters

Not so! I just recieved my Southern California Edison (SCE) bill dated Nov. 12, 2011, for service through Nov. 8. From Oct. 6 through Oct. 28 (22 days) I used 450 kWh (I have 23 photovoltaic panels, however that’s another story), which is an average use of 20.45 kWh per day, as recorded by my […]

Opinion: Gift giving 2011

As the pressure of gift giving approaches, many of us are starting to think beyond the traditional gifts. Consider supporting small businesses that provide services most of us need. Ideas include a gift certificate from the local hair salon or barber, a gift especially needed by the job hunter. An oil change or other maintenance […]

Opinion: Good Halloween memories

Being new to the Hill, I must say, the Great Pumpkin Parade and Carnival in Idyllwild was a very pleasant experience, with beautiful weather a plus. I was amazed at the ingenuity of the costumes, everything from a blooming baby sitting in a garden, to a blue lady avatar, a Transformer beyond imagination, a Pillsbury […]

Opinion: What Veterans Day means to me

When I read the Town Talk last week [Nov. 10], asking people what they were doing to observe Veterans Day and if it had special meaning for them, tears streamed down my cheeks. To think that there are people out there who will give their lives to protect my freedom. I can’t think of how […]

Opinion: Your taxes will pay for ICC’s operations

Another meeting [which occurred on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 29] to gather support for a new community center was held. Only a tiny group showed up, but what the heck, my wife and I were happy. It was a chance to learn, to participate, to hear from the audience, from the community, their […]

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