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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Support of IFPD

Timothy R. Chavez, you have an apparent belief that IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] can’t do anything without CDF [California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection], and they should be eliminated. My point, that you ignored, was if you solely rely on CDF, and are without a local fire department and without a county fire […]

Opinion: Public kept out of EMS meeting

I went to the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) meeting this last Wednesday at the Pine Cove Water District with Lou Padula and we got tossed out. They cited that it was not a public meeting and that they could not speak freely with the public in attendance. Also, if the public was allowed they would […]

Opinion: Cedar Fire not a typical fire

Merrie VonSeggern is living in a paranoid fantasy world concocted by a convicted felon radio host. Roger Hedgecock was the only person I know of spreading the lies and false information about the 2003 Cedar Fire spouted in Ms. VonSeggern’s Sept. 29 letter to the editor. There is not a shred of truth in the […]

Opinion: Good ole boys

I am constantly amazed at local governance whether it be recreation, water, fire or ambulance service. We must live within our means and not abuse that mandate with the same ole recycled quasi politicians and self-appointed leaders who want to build or protect or abuse personal power kingdoms. You’ve seen them and so have I. […]

Opinion: Target shooting

I was just talking to Ron-the-drywaller who has a sideline business of harvesting firearm ammunition brass from target shooting sites in the San Bernardino Mountains south of the 10 freeway and reselling it online. He said the Bee Canyon road is once again laden with much brass from recent target shooting. Isn’t that area closed […]

Opinion: Enjoyed the Casey celebration

A free concert on a beautiful Sunday night — now, that’s a party! As a retailer, I’ve seen a lot of “still life” Septembers on this mountain. But organizers kept the tourists, as well as the locals, entertained on a normally docile Sunday evening. Casey was a perfect “local boy makes good” with his talent […]

Opinion: Barriers to recycling?

When I moved to Idyllwild in 1993, taking bags to the Transfer Station was not a problem. The recycle products went into a long white box with three doors on the side for access. Today, a commercial dumpster rests in its place with an open top and sides one needs to breach that are more […]

Opinion: Kudos to Chamber of Commerce

Yes, it was a wonderful Chamber of Commerce meeting last week. The atmosphere was professional and businesslike. The board members were united, but very open and looking to new ideas. Decisions were discussed and actions were made without long-winded speeches from a board member. And, best of all, the audience, concerned citizens and business owners, […]

Opinion: No to 4x4s here

It was with increasing horror that I read of Backcountry 4×4’s desire to map trails in our San Jacinto Mountains; it’s no surprise that Jeep and Toyota are supporting them. I imagine the destruction to habitat and to aesthetics, plus the increase in noise pollution we already suffer from the brigades of motorcycles. It’s not […]

Opinion: Audits without answers

As the mystery continues, and with so much money allegedly unaccounted for at IFPD, at what point does the audit clarify these issues or does the grand jury need to become involved? M. Farrell Idyllwild

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