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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: County service?

There should be no mystery about the county’s budget problems. In spite of having a monopoly, the county must still abide by basic economics and by that I mean, “Does the county provide a desired service at a fair price?” For example, I have a customer whose deck, after 50 years, finally needs to be […]

Opinion: No to CAL FIRE

I am very alarmed that CAL FIRE could take over our fire services. CAL FIRE, which used to be called CDF (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is still the official name], is responsible for the huge Cedar Fire in San Diego [which occurred in October 2003]. When the idiot hiker lit a flare […]

Opinion: How happy we are to live in Idyllwild

Let’s keep this simple. Very complicated talk about recreation [including Riverside County’s] Economic Development Agency (EDA), Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), and County Service Area (CSA) 36 [Idyllwild]. This letter is only for Idyllwild [residents], not Pine Cove or Mountain Center. CSA 36 doesn’t trust ICRC, ICRC doesn’t trust CSA 36 or EDA, and EDA […]

Opinion: Thank you for your help

Idyllwild Arts fully understands the entire process outlined in the recent letter from Susan Nash, and has in the past and will in the future comply with every expectation of the county planning and approval process. We thank her for her interest and welcome her comments during the public notice phase of our latest master […]

Opinion: Reflections on the 9/11 anniversary

A quote I found before the Iraq war started rings especially true today. This is from Dolia Gonzales, then age 73, upon learning that the survivor benefits of her son, Alfredo, who was killed serving in Vietnam, would be cut off, because she was his mother, not his spouse. “We — the common, average Americans […]

Opinion: Tone Deaf

What doesn’t the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), the Chamber, and the esteemed business community get? If ICRC wants the town to fund the development and day-to-day operations of a private convention hall — the “community center” — with property tax dollars, the town must own the building. And we must have the right to […]

Opinion: IWD and future water supply

I read the article “Idyllwild Arts plans more growth and less water use” and want to convey my understanding from many years working for the County of San Bernardino on these issues, about the process for obtaining a will-serve letter. To build anything over 100 sq. ft., one needs to obtain a building permit from […]

Opinion: Measure G loss requires heads to fall

[Idyllwild Fire District Commissioners Pete] Capparelli and [Paul] Riggi should step aside now. This new board will need every minute possible to steer clear of the arriving train wreck. [Commissioners Ben] Killingsworth, and [Jeannine] Stigall should resign, not because Measure G failed, but because they had no needs analysis or spending plan and didn’t understand […]

Opinion: IFPD inspections

Now that IFPD has an excellent board and an excellent fire chief, I was very disappointed and surprised to learn that only about 30 percent of property inspections have been completed. If IFPD will be responsible for all inspections, obviously they do not have the time or personnel to complete them. Why not have the […]

Opinion: Stop speeding

First, I’d like to thank those select few who don’t speed and tailgate around town. I’ve noticed that there has been an increase of police presence in front of the school, which is good since the average speed through the school zone seems to be about 40 [miles per hour] and heaven help those who […]

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