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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: State fire fee

I was reading the article in the Town Crier titled “Fire fee may benefit Idyllwild.” The entire fee is just lying on the part of the California Legislature to get more taxes out of us. The Riverside Press-Enterprise had an editorial on Aug. 15, 2011 that stated while the new fee is supposedly “to help […]

Opinion: Barking dogs

Is it Pine Cove or Barking Cove? I have two guys who like to come up to Pine Cove from San Bernardino to have some quality quiet time together. Unfortunately, they have two little dogs the size of a cat who bark constantly. When asked if they could please control the barking, their answer was […]

Opinion: A Marine speaks

Regarding the grouchy adults, I would be willing to say any Marine or former Marine would tell them, “Let the kids dance.” Why do you think we have fought in all of this country’s wars? If you want to complain, tell President [Barack] Obama that when he cuts the Marine Corps budget, there will be […]

Opinion: Let ’em dance

What better way to respect the band and its music than to get up and dance? Thank you, Lord, for providing me a place to sit near the rear of the park during the concert. Had I heard the people complaining about kids dancing, I’d most likely have been ushered out of the park. How […]

Opinion: Fire fees and abatement

How can less than 25 cents per day be called “dreaded” when it gives us a little more protection to live in this wonderful place? What really bugs me are the Idyllwild property owners of vacant land who could care less about fire abatement laws. And, worse yet, the fact that these property owners are […]

Opinion: Re: Youth vs. elders

Though I was not at the Marine Corps Band concert myself to witness what happened, I’d like to say that as a senior citizen and a foreign war veteran, I simply can not condone the actions of the elderly folks as described in several letters to the Town Crier. Let me assure the people who […]

Opinion: Marines, Sousa, band and dancing

Here are some historical comments that may be of interest regarding dancing to the Marine Band. John Philip Sousa was the Marine Band’s director from 1880 to 1892. By that time, the two-step had replaced the waltz as the popular dance. Sousa formed his own band and in 1889 wrote a march called “The Washington […]

Opinion: The village makes the concerts happen

We have completed another year of Idyllwild Summer Concerts and this concludes 12 summers. The generous support of time, talent and money has now made this happen for 12 seasons. Since Idyllwild Summer Concerts moved to our own Community Center, the attendance has grown to record levels. It’s a pleasure to watch everyone enjoying the […]

Opinion: Youth and age

I have been attending and supporting the summer concerts since the first season. The last four years, my children have been enjoying it as well. That is, until last night [this letter arrived Friday, Aug. 19] when a group of grumpy old people decided that we were not welcome, and that my 2-year-old’s dancing was […]

Opinion: Elders and kids

The older couple stood along with others in their little group, who gathered to listen to the Marine Corp band, which played at the Summer Concert Series last Thursday. They stood because they were requested to stand if they were members of the armed forces, who bravely fought for the freedoms we have and enjoy […]

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