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Category: Letters to the Editor

With Grace: Not goodbye …

This is my last paper as publisher of the Town Crier. Since November 2009 I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I have also learned invaluable lessons and have made wonderful friendships. In life and especially small towns, reality sometimes becomes blurred and myths become reality. We’ve all heard the Mark Twain […]

Opinion: Spies among us

When I was in grammar school in the ’50s, we were supposed to hate Russia because “their government spies on their own people.” Given the situation with the NSA spying on us, exactly how are we different? Michael Rasson Santa Monica/Idyllwild

Opinion: Wrong postal box number

The recent issue of the Friends of the Idyllwild Library’s newsletter had the wrong post office. box number.  The Friends correct address is P.O. Box 2183.  The Friends appreciates the person whose P.O. Box is 2083 for forwarding the mail to us.  Adele Voell President Friends of the Idyllwild Library

Opinion: Could Schelly be that wrong?

Me thinks the ladies and gentlemen of the IFPD doth protest too much. Perhaps there was much truth in what Dr. Schelly wrote in the May 23 “Letter to the editor,” since there was such a strong reaction from the [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] firefighters’ commission. Dr. Schelly felt strongly about what he saw and […]

Opinion: Monsanto’s motives

I was pleased to see the Town Crier covering Idyllwild’s participation in the May 25 global March Against Monsanto. However, I was dismayed at the editorial comment the Town Crier tacked on to the end of the photo caption: “Locals take part in a national rally against the Monsanto corporation, which is drawing heavy protest […]

Opinion: No pesticides

For as long as anyone can remember, and even longer before that, humans have been at war with Earth’s environment. It hasn’t been a “garden of Eden” since it was a garden of Eden, and we weren’t there. So nobody knows if it was ever a garden without plenty of snakes and bugs. Bugs. What […]

Opinion: CERT training valuable

Last week, my wife and I attended the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class held at the[Idyllwild] Fire Department and led by Captain Mark LaMont. The concept of CERT, which is a FEMA program, is to have available a trained citizen corp of first responders in a disaster, recognizing that professional responders may be stretched […]

Opinion: Monsanto

Thanks for printing a photo of the Idyllwild March Against Monsanto — one of thousands across the country on May 25. The caption under the photo, however, was curious: the phrase “designed to feed a growing population” could have come straight out of a Monsanto publicity hand-out. Let’s be clear. Monsanto’s goal is to make […]

Opinion: Disposition of the Chamber’s assets

Editor’s note: The following letter, dated May 28, was received just before the paper went to press. It explains how the Chamber plans to dispose of its assets, including “Harmony,” the monument. We, the undersigned members of the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce, in light of the absence of a Board of Directors and a lack […]

Opinion: GSOB … Other thoughts

I am aware of my passion for trees when discussing their care, and particularly in this case, trying to save them from sure death. In “Pest Notes” at in the “Biological Control” section, it states, “Three primary natural enemies have been associated with GSOB [Goldspotted Oak Borer] …” But your article on the front […]

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