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Category: Only In Idyllwild

Only in Idyllwild: No power, but caring neighbors

When the lights went out on Tuesday afternoon, I scrambled to find backup power for my husband’s medical equipment. Because of the efforts of several local men, a generator was located and then carried up many stairs into our home. A potential life-threatening situation was averted. This is not the first time we have been […]

Only in Idyllwild: Tight squeeze

It’s a small garage, but still, it’s a place where the family car could be tucked away, out of the snow and rain. But, problem was that it was filled with other possessions, thus leaving no room for the car. So, given the latest weather forecast, the owner decided it was time to move all […]

Only in Idyllwild: Home pretzel delivery

I love homemade pretzels. I put in my order for 10 at Honey Bunns and Joe, figuring I could make it back up the Hill before they closed at 3 p.m. However, being a school teacher for Hemet Unified School District, my after school efforts to help just a few more students delayed me in […]

Only in Idyllwild: Legends among us

Only in Idyllwild can you go from photographing legendary jazz vocalist Herb Jeffries for his 98th birthday in the morning, to photographing jazz legend-to-be Casey Abrams at his welcome home block party in the afternoon. Gina Genis Idyllwild/Laguna Hills “Only in Idyllwild” may be sent one of four ways: e-mail to, call 659-2145, Ext. […]

Only in Idyllwild: Unfazed by thunder storm

City folk run inside at the first raindrop. In Idyllwild, no one bats an eye at a powerful thunderstorm. I recently enjoyed lunch with a friend at Nature’s Wisdom. We were on the deck at a table under an umbrella. The sky ripped open and the downpour began. We continued our conversation with the umbrella […]

Only in Idyllwild: Brake for quails

While traveling down Tollgate, a vehicle was stopped ahead for no apparent reason. Ahh … but the reason soon appeared when mom, pop, aunt, uncle and all the babies in the “Tollgate Quail Family” crossed the road. In the city, pedestrians are frequently ignored as they attempt to cross the street. But in Idyllwild, quail, […]

Only in Idyllwild: No runarounds

I am a half-timer in Idyllwild. Half the week I am in San Diego and half in Idyllwild. In anticipation of the installation of the new water pipeline by the Fern Valley Water District (FVWD) on South Circle Drive, I wanted to know if I needed to prepare my landscape for any digging in my […]

Only in Idyllwild II: Sept. 1, 2011

“I’ll have a cheeseburger with fruit,” I said, without so much as a glance at the menu. “Did you want everything on it?” our waitress asked. “Yes, but I don’t want any of that salad dressing on the bun,” I said, looking her straight in the eye. “No…salad…dressing…on… the… bun,” she repeated while making a […]

Only in Idyllwild: Sept. 1, 2011

I was the lucky winner of the bid at the Mountain Disaster Preparedness Fundraiser for a dinner prepared by the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, which was served to six happy guests. It turned out to be a surprise 81st birthday party for my husband, Bill, who is a retired firefighter of 31 years with the […]

Only in Idyllwild: Aug. 25, 2011

My husband and I stopped to see the quilts displayed for sale on Highway 243 (next to the HELP Center). We stopped to look and enjoyed visiting with Joan, who makes the quilts. She and her husband recently bought the property. We weren’t sure the quilt we chose would fit on our bed as it […]

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