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Category: Another Point of View

Another point of view: Lauren Salter, our local Olympic contender

Editor: Olympics. I have been enjoying the games and the excitement and am amazed at how close winning a run or a slide or any one of the events can be. And I think of Lauren Salter who is an Olympic hopeful right here in our midst. She’s one of us, a home-town girl and […]

Another Point of View: Remembering Allan Morphett

A few months ago, Allan Morphett passed away — quite unexpectedly, in fact. Most of us who knew him were shocked when we first heard the news. Since his death, for one reason or another, there has been little in the way of commemorating his life, let alone acknowledging his many contributions to our community. […]

‘When’ finally arrived

By Blair Ceniceros Claremont (Formerly of Idyllwild and the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council) For years, Cal Fire, the Forest Service and the Fire Safe Council have been warning that it wasn’t “if” but rather “when” a forest fire would come to Idyllwild. Now the unthinkable has arrived, but thanks to the years of planning […]

Another Point of View: What is happening at the Idyllwild Fire Department

Editor’s note: Following the story in last week’s edition and my column about the Idyllwild Fire Commission’s response to a Letter to the editor from Commissioner Dr. Charles “Chip” Schelly, we have received two responses. One, below, very thoughtful and specific, is printed as “Another point of view.” The second letter, briefer, but also sharing […]

Another Point of View: The virtual reality of guns

Humans love to set aside disbelief and be caught up in fiction — be it a Penn and Teller magic show, a campfire story, a novel, a movie or a video game. Watching a good movie is great fun. But what if you never left the theater? What if you lived there 24/7 and spent […]

Another Point of View: Regarding “Why unions?”

Editor’s note: This viewpoint is a commentary on Conor O’Farrell’s column, “Why unions?…” which appearred in the Nov. 15 issue of the Town Crier. I read with disappointment the above referenced article because I had hoped for some meat on the bone to chew on, maybe a zesty tete-a-tete to get some of my own […]

Another Point of View: Vote yes on Measure U

We spend lots of money on our schools. We do it because we believe education will improve our society. But as you drive down Florida Avenue (in Hemet), you’ll quickly realize there is something seriously wrong with our society at a local level. And it may seem our schools are doing little to help. Perhaps, […]

Another Point of View: Compassionate conservatism in 2012?

I swear the Republicans are the stupidest people on the planet. It’s the first time since I have been voting that we actually have a candidate with a higher disapproval rating than his approval rating. Even in losing, McCain, Kerry and Gore enjoyed double digit approval ratings. Romney is negative five percent. He is losing […]

Another Point of View: Americans still dream

Editor’s note: Marshall Smith is a reporter for the Town Crier. He is writing from Spain. I have been coming to Spain since December 1981. I made my first trip here for the law office for which I worked. I came as many as three or four times a year for an eight-year period. Then […]

Another Point of View: A new fire tax!

If you live in the unincorporated communities in the hills above Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore, or other Riverside County areas, such as the San Jacinto Mountains, you are located in an area designated by the state as a “State Responsibility Area” for fire protection purposes. As a result, you are likely to receive a […]

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