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Category: Lola’s Kitchen

Lola’s Kitchen: Baking at high altitude …

Baking desserts has been my passion since childhood. I started with cookies then graduated to cakes and other pastries. One of the hardest lessons is learning to bake at a high altitude. I own two high altitude cookbooks, “The New High Altitude Cookbook” by Beverly M. Anderson and Donna M. Hamilton, and “Pie in the […]

Lola’s Kitchen: Tailgating — food and football …

Football season is here and so is tailgating. Anyone who knows me knows I love football. The closest NFL team is the San Diego Chargers, and they are my favorite team! Despite the distance to the stadium and parking lot, my family and friends still manage to tailgate before games. We simply fill our living […]

Lola’s Kitchen: My mother’s cooking …

Since I grew up on an apricot ranch that my parents owned in San Jose, Calif., I always had plenty of fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables available. Our milk came from a neighboring dairy, so everything was fresh. Whenever I think of my mother, I see her in the kitchen. It seemed she was always […]

Lola’s Kitchen: Disaster? Learn from it!

Hi everyone! Dinner party disaster? Yep, we have all had them. Mine happened several years ago when I invited old friends up from Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County. They own a beautiful home on a knoll with maid’s quarters, so I took care to make a special dinner to impress. Since we were […]

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