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Category: Off the Main Roads

Off the Main Roads: Another safety program …

Off the Main Roads: Another safety program …

Many times when the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit (RMRU) gets called out, it is in conjunction with the California State Park for a situation that has taken place in its area. Over the past year, we have seen a steady decline in rescues within the state park. A new program, which Ranger Sue Neary started, […]

Off the Main Roads: Five safety steps for climbing …

In this column, my Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit teammates and I usually focus on safety on the trails and the overall beauty of the high country. Never have we talked about the safety aspect of the core sport that makes Idyllwild a destination for people from around the world — climbing!

Off the Main Roads: Carumba Trail — safe and beautiful

One of the best ways to enjoy our mountain this time of year is a summer camping trip. I would encourage everyone to dust off those old packs and head out to experience our mountain habitat in its full glory.

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