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Lola’s Kitchen: Poultry pets …

Growing up on an apricot ranch had it’s drawbacks. On the positive side, my mom never wasted anything. She canned and grew vegetables and herbs, corn, tomatoes, etc. We also had a wide variety of fruit and citrus trees. Now for the negative side. My little sister and I had a pet duck named Elmer. […]

Ramblings from Roscoe: Kids and school, part 1 …

First, I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to my master and I. What a great community and dog-friendly too! The cats are not too happy about it, but hey, they are cats. Are they ever happy about anything?

Past Tense: Aug. 23, 2012

65 years ago – 1947 August rainfall was already 3.72 inches. Average for the whole month in recent years had been running 1.23 inches. • • • Lightning struck more than 80 times in this section of the National Forest during an August thunderstorm. Only five of the strikes, however, turned into fires. Because of […]

Science and Reality Today: Why reality is weirder than we could imagine …

As a child I was a huge fan of the 1980s NBC television science fiction series “Amazing Stories.” Despite only airing three seasons, this Steven Spielberg-created show was a cross between “The Twilight Zone” and “The X-Files.” One of the first episodes of the show, titled “The Mission” (starring Keifer Sutherland and Kevin Costner) involved […]

Outside Idyllwild: Butterflies, thunderstorms and sunsets …

Outside Idyllwild: Butterflies, thunderstorms and sunsets …

It was a very interesting weekend in Idyllwild to say the least.   We started off going to Idyllwild Arts Academy on Friday night for a very enjoyable chamber music concert. On Saturday morning, we headed out to the Nature Center for the Butterfly Daze festivities. Saturday afternoon, we had a light show, thunderstorm with […]

Lifelines: The fire of hope …

My father passed away Aug. 5. As I write, I am in Philadelphia preparing to speak at his memorial service. Town Crier Editor J. P. Crumrine kindly emailed me to convey his condolences and tell me not to worry about writing this column. However, I’ve been writing about hope for months and one of the […]

Past Tense: Aug. 16, 2012

Past Tense: Aug. 16, 2012

65 years ago – 1947 The Idyllwild School District faced a crisis. There wasn’t enough room to accommodate the anticipated enrollment of 125 kids. • • • “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” starring Tyrone Power, Don Ameche and Alice Faye, was luring customers to the Rustic Theatre.   60 years ago – 1952 More than 100 people […]

Creature Corner: Aug. 16, 2012

Creature Corner: Aug. 16, 2012

Make your birthday wish come true. If your biggest wish is for a dog, then ARF is the place to be. And that’s just how Bailey, the yellow Lab wiggled into her forever home. She became the best birthday present ever for her new human. Paws up to you. And if your wish is for […]

Baby raccoons sharing a lunch of nuts.

Outside Idyllwild: Close encounters of the furry kind …

This is the year for small mammals, including chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and gophers. I don’t remember ever seeing so many baby rabbits and chipmunks in the past. I seem to be seeing them every time I walk out my door.   In contrast, I have seldom seen or heard coyotes this season. Where are […]

Lola’s Kitchen: Ice cream and other frozen desserts …

I love ice cream; it’s my favorite dessert. Ice cream brings back great memories of my childhood. As a little girl every Saturday afternoon, my parents would load my younger sister and I up in the old pickup truck and make a dusty trip to the grocery store. Across the street was a creamery, which […]

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