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Category: That Was Yummy!

Lola’s kitchen: It’s Thanksgiving — yummy

One of the stressful situations arising from having a full-time job is when you volunteer to make something for a party or get-together and realize there is very little time to prepare something from scratch. I have, in the past, been up until 11:30 p.m. or so cooking — dog-tired and still enjoying making a […]

That Was Yummy! Yummy buttermilk pancakes …

Dear That was yummy, Could you please share an easy recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes? I am having a large family breakfast and would love to serve pancakes along with the bacon and sausage. Thank you, Blanca Pacas Glendale, CA Dear Blanca, This recipe is so good, the pancakes melt in your mouth. Enjoy! Fluffy Buttermilk […]

That Was Yummy! Turkey leftovers

In my home, turkey is the traditional Christmas dinner. I always enjoy a hot turkey sandwich with the leftovers. When we partake in the leftovers, it seems the tastes are more pronounced. My creative side allows me to try different dishes with the turkey, and turkey tetrazzini has become a favorite with my family and […]

That Was Yummy!: Slow cooker herb apricot stuffing

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. It revolves around food in my house. We had a tradition to prepare a wonderful meal. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember helping my dad in the kitchen early on Thanksgiving morning. We worked together to get the turkey ready to stuff and put […]

That Was Yummy!: North Circle crab cakes …

That Was Yummy!: North Circle crab cakes …

Dear That was yummy, Could you please ask for the recipe for the crab cakes with spicy coleslaw that are served at The Creek House? I love how the spicy coleslaw enhances the flavor of the wonderful crab cakes. Thank you. Grace Reed, Idyllwild Dear Grace; Lanny and Lorraine at The Creek House were very […]

That Was Yummy! Chiles rellenos from La Casita Mexican Restaurant …

Dear That Was Yummy, Each time I go to La Casita Mexican Restaurant, I must have their chiles rellenos. I have eaten this dish at many restaurants over the years, and their version is by far the best. I asked Robert at La Casita for the recipe, and he was very gracious to share it […]

That Was Yummy: From scratch taco meat mixture …

Dear TWY, After vacationing in Idyllwild and reading the Town Crier, I saw your food column. When I was growing up, my mom made the best homemade taco meat mixture with ground beef, tomato sauce and spices. I wonder if you have a recipe (not using a package mix) that I could try and substitute […]


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