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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Anonymous commentary

I am wondering why people don’t have to identify themselves and be checked out when responding to Town Crier articles online. I don’t think people should anonymously be able to slander others as “Misty Meanor” was able to do in the comment on the break-in at Lake Hemet Market. It is my opinion that to […]

Opinion: Home cooking businesses face new law

A new California law [Assembly Bill 1616, “Cottage Food Operations”] allows people to prepare certain food in their home kitchen and sell it either directly to a consumer or to a third party. The law is a good example of how to turn a simple concept into a legal nightmare, but guidance from the county […]

Opinion: Dissolve IFPD?

What makes the United States Armed Forces the greatest government entity in the world and is the very reason why Idyllwild Fire should be dissolved? [The answer is] objectivity and reproducibility or in this case a lack thereof. It’s not about cost or who is employed. Can Idyllwild Fire objectively replace its three captains at […]

Opinion: State Fire fee — no

Up till the current Town Crier (the Dec. 6 issue), [there’s been] not a whisper nor a whimper about the new assessment by CAL FIRE. To those of us who received this double billing at the time of regular tax notices, it was a jolt.

Opinion: State fire fee — yes

Reflecting on the recent article advising residents how to challenge the Fire Prevention Fee, I would hope that Hill residents would consider that it is CAL FIRE that has the major responsibility in fighting wildfires.

Opinion: IFPD’s opposition to the state fire fee

Opinion: IFPD’s opposition to the state fire fee

I must be missing something in the Town Crier article (see the Dec. 6 issue) about the IFPD’s opposition to the State Fire Prevention Fee. That opposition apparently revolves around three points:

Opinion: Relative tax values

We hear it everyday. Taxes are too high in California. I believe it, too.

Opinion: Response to ‘Why unions redux’

Neal Simpson, M.D., Hemet, wrote a rebuttal to Conor O’Farrell’s column about unions. [See the Nov. 29 issue of the Town Crier for Simpson’s view and the Nov. 15 issue for O’Farrell’s original column.] Many of us have watched the TV show “The Big Bang Theory.” My understanding is that Sheldon Cooper should refrain from […]

Opinion: Yea, Dore

How wonderful that a local artist has achieved the recognition of having his sculpture displayed on El Paseo in Palm Desert. It is a sign that music and the arts are flourishing on the Hill. We all know our beloved local musician of American Idol fame, Casey Abrams. So get to know Dore’s work by […]

Opinion: Tax changes, who gains?

After hearing many discussions regarding the effect of reverting to the Clinton era federal income tax rates, I decided to estimate, using IRS tax tables, the effect for three hypothetical married couples filing jointly each with different taxable incomes. See the accompanying table below for the results. Superficially, at least, it seems the effect is […]

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