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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Ignorant or arrogant?

One of the appealing things about Idyllwild has been the small-town, slower-paced feeling. Not any more. Observant folks will notice the proliferation of front-lawn signs urging “slow down.” The more frantic driving style seems to have arrived. Just for the record, for the ignorant, the default speed limit is 25 miles per hour. A few […]

Opinion: Proposition 37

Isn’t it time we knew more about what is in our food? We label fats, sugars, proteins, and much else that we care about. There is no difference between these considerations and identifying genetically modified content in our food. Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of genetically modified organisms, has mounted a well-funded disinformation campaign to attack […]

Opinion: Paris the Cat

Paris the cat goes to Colorado! Very soon Paris, the ARF Cattery Ambassador, will be living in Colorado. Paris and her family appreciate you all for your community support. Paris will be missing her ARF family, but will keep in touch. She has enjoyed all that Mayor Max had done in short amount of time […]

Opinion: Good call, TC

Thank you for choosing not to publish the viscous letter that arrived in everyone’s mailbox today. Weeding out uninformed inflammatory nonsense from the “Readers Write” column shows respect for your readership and makes our town a nicer place. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Jessica Schiffman Idyllwild Editor’s note: The issues raised in the […]

Opinion: Compassion isn’t tyranny

In response to Ms. Rose’s obviously political and unattributed quote, “Tyranny is always sold as freebies, as compassion, when in fact it is an iron fist in a silk glove.” I would give you FDR’s “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it […]

Opinion: Oppose Measure U

Did you read about Measure U in the sample ballot and info pamphlet? We did and we have many questions. Why are almost half of the Hemet schools requesting solar panels and it is not mentioned in the argument for the money? Why are all the Hemet schools asking for facility equity augmentation and equipment? […]

Opinion: Vote no on Measure U

I do not understand how the proponents of Hemet Unified’s [School District] Measure U can say a $25, $50 or $100 tax increase will save us money? Is all [Bill] Sanborn [HUSD trustee] and his tax and spend buddies who populate the school board do is pass tax increases onto a valley decimated by the […]

Opinion: Respecting political differences

This is in response to the letters to the Town Crier dated Oct. 4, 2012, by Dan Peitsch and Mike Reno. Yes, Dan, we will never build a better society if we allow ourselves to be divided rich against poor, race against race, Republican against Democrat, government against the governed. Yet, I have never in […]

Opinion: Pleasant access?

In her letter to the editor [see the Sept. 27 issue of the Town Crier], Judy Schonebaum made various comments regarding my [Sept. 20] letter to the editor. I hope this will clarify. Some time ago, Idyllwild Pines Executive Director Martha Snyder wrote an opinion article which appeared in the Town Crier. This “ad hominem […]

Opinion: The season of no!

There’s a difference between an optimist and a conman. I do know Republicans and Democrats alike are not optimists. Both are fixed upon exploitation, it’s just a matter of which 47 percent. Both believe in entitlements for their protected classes. What a crock! Send them both a message. Vote “No” on propositions 30, 31, 32 […]

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