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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Fundraising was a win for ARF 2

The campaign managers for every mayoral candidate wanted their pet to win the election for the position of Mayor of Idyllwild. That is why this was such a successful fundraiser, and we are very happy that more dogs and cats can be saved because of that success. We love helping animals. Max plans to be […]

Opinion: Fundraising was a win for ARF 1

The results of the election fundraiser were better than we could have ever hoped for. We are very pleased with the results and all of the community support that we received. The fundraiser donations are going to allow us to help many more four-legged friends this year thn in any years previous, as well as […]

Opinion: Paws up for ARF

Here’s to our extremely necessary and important foundation on our Hill. ARF has saved and rescued countless lives of helpless, tortured and abandoned four-footed friends, giving them a new lease on health and fortunate “fun ever” homes with their new found families. The recent fundraiser “Idyllwild needs a Mayor” yielded ARF much needed funds — […]

Opinion: Noise from camp

It is about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 11. There is a lot of loud singing, music and screaming coming from Idyllwild Pines. It is not unusual to have a lot of noise coming from there, but since I thought we were good neighbors, sharing our lovely natural beauty, I have never complained. But now that […]

Opinion: Noise in town

I just returned from a walk to the pharmacy and on my way back, I encountered the “Battle of the Bands.” My issue isn’t with the musicians, they are doing what they get paid to do. My issue is with the proprietors that hire them. I totally understand why they are hired and that is […]

Opinion: Leash or unleash

I am so glad this discussion of dogs on and off leash has been spurred. Dog owners, Riverside County and state forest laws require all dogs to be leashed when in public. Then why do we see dogs off leash in town, in campgrounds, and on trails? Ask the dog’s owner and you might hear, […]

Opinion: A vision

I have a vision — a vision for a prosperous and happy Idyllwild. A place where all the locals, Pine Cove, Idyllwild and Mountain Center, closely work together on the Hill’s problems. A place where we all trust one another. A place where the local heroes, our firemen who put their lives on the line […]

Opinion: Affordable Care Act helps IFPD

It’s time to terminate the IFPD and CSA 38 special assessments. Congress passed, the President signed and the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that each resident of the country, legal or not, must have health insurance. Wow! It pays 100 percent of our paramedic and ambulance service — when up to this point only 36 percent […]

Opinion: Re: Idyllwild Pines Camp

Idyllwild Pines Camp is a business because it’s one of the few camps that operates with no funding from any outside help. They are here for the people that want what they have to offer. When those people come to the camp, they come here for the chance to learn more and to leave the […]

Opinion: Re: Leash law — 3

I am writing in response to the person who wrote the letter in last week’s Town Crier complaining about the leash law. The key word is “law.” The law isn’t arbitrary, ambiguous or open to interpretation. You can’t choose which laws you will obey and which ones you won’t. Do you choose to stop at […]

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