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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Re: Closure of Idyllwild Pines Camp — 2

If Ms. Snyder [Executive Director of Idyllwild Pines Camp] intended to alienate the community, give her an “A+.” She is not the “we” of the 89-year-old Idyllwild Pines Camp. The “we” welcomed neighbors. The “No Trespassing” signs appeared at the southeast end after a complaint was made against the camp for destruction of natural habitat. […]

Opinion: Re: Closure of Idyllwild Pines Camp — 1

I have no vested interest in the border closings at Idyllwild Pines Camp, but the new owner or manager of the camp seems unfriendly to me. I’ve never walked in the camp grounds but I know many local neighbors who have done that for decades, for generations, with no apparent ill effect. Students at Idyllwild […]

Opinion: Re: Librarian

I cannot comment on any staff changes at Idyllwild Library as it falls under personnel issues. I will say, however, that the kind of librarian described by the letter writer is the kind of librarian we expect at all of the libraries in the county. A person who relates well to the “personality” of the […]

Opinion: Librarian

I want Teresa back. Idyllwild is a community as well as a location. We smile at strangers on the street, we chat with people whom we know only as someone with a P.O. box near ours, we watch our neighbor’s house when they go off the Hill. And we speak up when a valuable member […]

Opinion: Diane Olsen

I feel compelled to write for the opportunity to read about Diane Olsen in your June 28 issue. Rather than call it an obituary, I would describe Kristina Olsen’s piece as an appreciation of her mother’s life, and it simply radiated humor, insight and compassion. Although I was not privileged to know Diane, she was […]

Opinion: Leash ordinance

As a first-time visitor to Idyllwild, one of the things I have found especially delightful is the pet-friendly atmosphere. In fact, the discovery that there were pet-friendly trails in Idyllwild was the primary reason I came here for a week’s vacation. I too enjoyed the Ernie Maxwell trail with my dog off leash. We met […]

Opinion: Playground use

It has come to my attention that Town Hall kids are being told that they are not allowed to play in the new playground. This is a travesty. I spent three days working 12 to 14 hours on it for our community, and then to hear that some of our kids are not worthy to […]

Opinion: How to pay for healthcare

The reason a majority of Americans do not support Obama Care is clear — it is basically unfair. Once again, the middle class is being asked to bear the tax burden to provide free coverage to some Americans, while they will have to struggle with yet another bill they can’t afford to pay. In essence, […]

Opinion: 4th July Parade suggestions

After working as a volunteer with one of the organizations that helps with the 4th of July parade for many years, I would like to pass along some unofficial suggestions that may help some of you enjoy the holiday even more. If you live in Fern Valley, plan on using Lodge Road and South Circle […]

Opinion: Re PCWD rate increase

We are not contemplating another rate increase. Yes, we are in the second year of our three-year program. Water sales only make up 20 percent of our total water income. Yes, we are talking with Stonewood. There are only 27 houses in the Stonewood area. Please come see us and get further proof and explanation, […]

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