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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: PCWD rate increase

PCWD [Pine Cove Wataer District] is an excellent water provider with very outstanding people. But, why is PCWD contemplating raising rates again when they are only in the second of a three-year phase in rate increase? And as to the lack of full-timers? Not in my neighborhood. I have had four new full-time neighbors in […]

Opinion: Fast and furious

Mr. Conor O’Farrell, your May 17, 2012, article started with the quote: “What’s treason and who committed it.” Have you ever heard of Operation Fast and Furious? Over 2,000 high powered weapons were allowed by the Obama administration to “walk” to the Mexican drug cartel. Two AK-47s were found at the site of the murdered […]

Opinion: Where’s the library staff?

Before we ooooh and ahhhh about our new library, it behooves us to pay tribute to our present library and its superb staff. Oh, wait a moment! Ann is not there anymore. Neither is Jennie. Well, at least there’s still, what? Teresa, after 22 years of service to our community, is not there. Was there […]

Opinion: Leash laws

On Thursday morning [June 14], a friend and I were walking our leashed dogs on the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail, when an aggressive dog with no leash came toward us growling and threatening our dogs. Although the owner grabbed hold of his dog, the dog continued to lunge toward us. My seven-month-old dog tried to […]

Opinion: Our town

In the last few weeks, there have been some events that make me even more proud to be a part of Idyllwild than usual. First, the editorial written about our Idyllwild Pharmacy and how the insurance companies are making it harder to stay competitive. We all depend on the pharmacy for, at the very least, […]

Opinion: Strawberry Creek trail

Strawberry Creek has a little-known, informal trail, running from South Circle Drive near Four Corners on the north end, to a transmission line right-of-way on the south end. My property is adjacent to the creek and I enjoy using this trail regularly. Periodically, I find that fallen trees along the trail have been cut up […]

Opinion: Donation Alley

This is such a wonderful article about Peter [Buhl’s] generosity, and his great encouragement, which teaches generosity. Donating items to Donation Alley begins the process by which people-in-need can get what they need or want, and can then become donors themselves for Idyllwild ARF and Living Free. Animals have the ability to be generous with […]

Opinion: Lest we forget …

Have we forgotten what Memorial Day represents? The May 24 Town Crier issue reviewed the highlights of the Memorial Day weekend. Lots of words on yard sales, wildflower show, dining and entertainment. Two of the four Town Talk interviewees were going to do something to honor those who have served this country. Nowhere in the […]

Opinion: Ambulance service

Everyone loves Grandma’s chicken soup; however, it’s no cure for cancer. Just as IFPD uses substandard paramedics, anyone will tell you everyone loves the guys. And, oh yes, they give it a darn good effort and proud of it just like you would expect from your grandson. It doesn’t mitigate the fact their professional qualifications […]

Opinion: Confusing permit process

The only thing worse than getting ripped off with an excessive list of fees in the permit process is getting ripped off and having them misapply regulations which then cost thousands of unnecessary extra dollars. In my last letter, I said the building inspector looked at my plans and declared that what was required was […]

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