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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Credit card theft

We had a great couple of days during the Fourth on Daffodil Hill. The “non-fireworks” were better than those in San Diego. Big surprise this evening when my credit card called and advised me of probable fraudulent charges against my credit card. The caller knew the charges that originated in Michigan were not in accord […]

Opinion: Re: Leash law — 2

I write regarding Mr. Taylor’s response [See the July 5 issue of the Town Crier]to the letter by Mr. Krull [see the June 21 edition] regarding the unleashed dog on the Ernie Maxwell Trail. I want to know why Mr. Taylor feels the laws pertaining to having dogs on a leash at all times should […]

Opinion: Re: Playground

I saw a shadow on Tahquitz this week. It appeared suddenly when I heard a rumor about the ICRC prohibiting the children at Town Hall from using the new community playground. I, as a stakeholder (literally since I paid for a commemorative fence stake) in the playground, am stunned. I worked several hours along with […]

Opinion: In defense of Idyllwild Pines

Has everyone forgotten the Skate Park that they have on their property? Or the Dog Park that is there, too? I helped in their Meals on Wheels and Senior Lunch program in 2003. They lost quite a few dollars. How about all the other programs they have helped in the community? I know Idyllwild Pines […]

Opinion: Re: Teresa the librarian

My wife, Ursula, and I have grown fond and respectful of our “former” librarian, Teresa Brouwer, who was recently dismissed as Idyllwild’s librarian. We read the article of her dismisssal in your newspaper [June 28 issue] and were both shocked and distressed. Not only is her dismissal without cause after so many years of faithful […]

Opinion: Re: Strawberry Creek access

Like other readers have expressed, my family has enjoyed walking along Strawberry Creek for years. We leave no trash, our dog is on leash, we pick up after him and remove the occasional plastic bottle or other litter from the area. As others have expressed, “No Trespassing” signs will not deter vandalism and the presence […]

Opinion: Re: Leash law — 1

Ms. Taylor’s self-proclaimed inexperienced observation as a “first-time visitor to Idyllwild” is both irresponsibile and incorrect. [See letter in the July 5 issue of the Town Crier.] The leash law is for the benefit of everyone, not just for those who choose to obey it. Idyllwild is not anyone’s personal playground, nor is it the […]

Opinion: Re: Closure of Idyllwild Pines Camp — 4

Martha Snyder wrote in “Another Point of View” [see the Town Crier’s June 28 issue] that Idyllwild Pines Camp now prohibits pedestrians from walking through camp because children are being kidnapped, molested, abused and murdered. Really? How will preventing locals from walking through camp protect campers? The article reads like a bad sermon: inflammatory, over […]

Opinion: Re: Closure of Idyllwild Pines Camp — 3

For more than a decade, it has been my joy, nearly every day, to walk the path along beautiful Strawberry Creek from Delano to town and back with my dog, who loved our outings as much as I did. When I saw the “Private Property” signs that went up at Idyllwild Pines Camp, I felt […]

Opinion: Re: Closure of Idyllwild Pines Camp — 2

If Ms. Snyder [Executive Director of Idyllwild Pines Camp] intended to alienate the community, give her an “A+.” She is not the “we” of the 89-year-old Idyllwild Pines Camp. The “we” welcomed neighbors. The “No Trespassing” signs appeared at the southeast end after a complaint was made against the camp for destruction of natural habitat. […]

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