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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Much talent available here

What an amazing privilege it is to live in Idyllwild. Not only are we cradled in the heart of nature and its magnificent beauty, we live in a community of caring, talented and truly interesting people. In addition to these attributes, we are able to enjoy outstanding art and music from our own world-class artists […]

Opinion: Being neighborly

Some 2,000 years ago, the apostle Paul wrote down these words for the church in Corinth: “I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. “I may have the gift […]

Opinion: Regretfully

What should be provided by public governance and the private sector to the people of this mountain? And what grave injustices are being committed by the institutions, the people who serve them, those who seek change and those who engage in efforts to remain the same through exploitations of our subpopulations, whether it be neighborhoods […]

Opinion: Blame the pine needles

About a month ago, I read a letter about how our mountain fire departments were not doing their job as far as fire abatement here, and I have to disagree. My Station 23 [Pine Cove] sends me a love letter every year squawking about something and I don’t need anymore. We need to get rid […]

Opinion: Letters to editor

I want to congratulate the paper for responding to local criticism focused on letters to the editor. I have heard many people complain that the same individuals always get their vitriolic letters published. By asking the community to participate in the Town Crier’s letter publishing policy, the paper demonstrated the kind of flexibility and thinking […]

Opinion: Letters to the editor

I always go to my favorite part of the [Town Crier] first, Students of the Month. Here we see no rancor, just smiling kids and wonderful comments about what makes them great kids. Maybe as adults, we could learn from these kids. Then, when I need a healthy dose of rancor, I head to my […]

Opinion: Letters to the editor

First, I want to thank the paper for setting out these rules or guidelines so that all of us can see the policy of the paper (something that might need to be done periodically as a reminder). Free speech to me, requires that I take responsibility for what I write. I do not share whatever […]

Opinion: Genetically modified corn

It’s hard to imagine the nutrition-savvy people of Idyllwild buying fresh corn at Wal Mart, but just in case you thought you might—Don’t! This summer Wal Mart will be carrying genetically engineered fresh corn. Monsanto Bt [biotechcorn] will have three genetically engineered traits that have never been consumed directly by humans. It is not known […]

Opinion: Label genetically modified food

As a follow-up to the Idyllwild Conversation group’s activities regarding food sources, production and distribution in the area, our group has allied itself with the Coachella Valley branch of Organic Consumers Association in collecting signatures for a potential initiative on the California ballot this coming November regarding the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food products. […]

Opinion: Small communities

Only in Idyllwild. Take a look at other smaller communities throughout the State (about 5,000). Almost all of them have one fire chief for life, not three in two years. The local officials love their jobs and the people appreciate their work and support them. They rarely resign for “personal and family reasons,” as often […]

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