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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Volunteers have reasons

The assertion by [Idyllwild Fire Chief] Norm Walker that volunteers deserve the highest level of respect is misguided. [See “Chief’s Corner, in the Dec. 15 issue of the Town Crier.] [In my opinion,] most serve for selfish self-aggrandizing purposes as a means to validate and self-purpose, whether it be financial or for some manipulated position […]

Opinion: Winter safety — siping or studs

I can commiserate with Mr. Reno on the subject of chains. I hate to use them. However, studs are an excellent alternative and they are legal on all California highways between Nov. 1 and April 30 (see See Vehicle Code Section 27454(e)). The contact area of the studs is limited to three percent, in […]

Opinion: A response to Dawn Miller

Your letter last week was direct and to the point. “These crazy guys, just whiners sitting on the sideline, complainers, they would probably say …” Wow, can we elevate the conversation a bit, and deal with the important issues facing our community? Personal attacks and false assumptions are easy to make, let’s discuss the issues. […]

Opinion: Public should own and operate community center

I would second the suggestion by Pete Capparelli that the community center should be owned and operated by the public. As I have suggested for the past five years, an Idyllwild CSD (Community Services District) should be formed. Recreation and the community center are the perfect places to begin. I have been very disturbed that […]

Opinion: Tire surgery for snow conditions

Sometimes it seems that our snow-prone Southern Californian mountain environs are too far removed from other snowed-in areas in more ways than just geography. I am told by northern tire experts that big lugged mud and snow tires are great in mud and snow but bad on hard pack or ice. And highway rut-causing steel-studded […]

Opinion: Changes IFPD should consider

The single largest expense for the Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) is the salary account. These newly increased salaries are inconsistent with a declining revenue base. Aside from dangerous and poor IFPD decision making moving the district to insolvency by February, revenue must align with expenses. Pay and staffing ratios are frozen by union contract […]

Opinion: Get off the sidelines

I am sick of reading letters from a couple individuals in the Idyllwild area who do nothing but complain about everyone else. I see it from the opposite side of the fence. As we complete this Thanksgiving weekend, I can only begin to express my gratitude to everyone who worked to produce a successful Harvest […]

Opinion: Broken promises, broken trust

This is an open letter to Bill Sanborn, Chairman, Idyllwild Community Center. Honesty is so important, especially in our public officials. Broken promises breed mistrust and anger. Back in July you made a promise. You repeated your promise several times publically shortly after becoming Chairman. You would supply the people of Idyllwild the hard facts. […]

Opinion: Dangers of de-icing salt

Are any of the four water districts (Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Pine Cove or Alandale) even remotely concerned about de-icing chemicals or rock salt getting into groundwater? Why are veterinarians treating dogs for de-icer poisoning and burnt paws? I, too, live in a home that is ridiculed by stair-haters, so I fully understand the need to […]

Opinion: A house divided

Last week [the Nov. 24 issue of the Town Crier], Kathy Lewis, in her letter, raised a lot of complaints regarding Town Hall’s current staff. Poor Ms. Swanson (current Town Hall helper) merely wrote the week before requesting a healing, for all of us to get together for the good of the children. [I felt] […]

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