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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Who is community center for?

Property tax dollars belong to this town, not the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), Bill Sanborn or Marge Muir. ICRC must be a property owner elected group. It’s not a school, Bill or Marge, mandated by the State constitution. It certainly should not be for a bank account with Bob Lewis, Dawn Sonnier, or Chris […]

Opinion: Why we need the safety net

Here I am just hanging up from a Republican National Committee fundraiser call. I explained to the nice 27-seven-year-old that I have seen too much swill from the fat-cat-friendly tea baggers or the sue-happy liberals that I just don’t think either have anyone’s best interest at heart but their own. This includes letter-writer Mr. Ferguson, […]

Opinion: Even good people make bad mistakes

The [donors of the Idyllwild Community Center (ICC) property] were stuck in a bad real estate market, with vacant land they bought years ago. An unresolved migrating oil spill was discovered, making it even more unsellable. And here’s their practical solution. Use public money for real estate development — a community center. Keep 100 percent […]

Opinion: St. Pete’s 4 — Good!

I recently had the good fortune (along with an overflow crowd in Stephens Recital Hall) to attend the performance of the St. Petersburg String Quartet. While the quartet’s performance was of the highest quality, there are several things still puzzling me about the circumstances surrounding it, as follows: Though the event was presented adequately enough […]

Opinion: Health insurance, facts & Tea Party

Those who criticize the Tea Party need to be sure of their facts. The letter in the Oct. 13 issue [of the Town Crier] is a good example of this failing. To go through all of the purported facts in the letter would be well beyond 400 words. So, I will demonstrate its fallacy with […]

Opinion: Radio waves created equally

Reading the Oct. 13 issue of the Town Crier proved very informative. On the front page, there was an article about the CPUC delaying the installation of Southern California Edison’s “Smart Meters.” It seems people are concerned about radio waves that these meters emit causing brain tumors or other health problems. Further into the Town […]

Opinion: IFPD bankrupt

In my humble opinion as a formally trained mathematician by the University of California, adoption of Resolution 2011-261 by the Board of Supervisors for the advance of property tax revenue to the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, 3rd District, bankrupts the district in four months if salaries and retirement contributions are not immediately reduced by at […]

Opinion: Smart Meter not a good thing

We are inundated with radio waves in our lives — radio waves from hundreds of satellites, cell phone towers, microwave transfer stations, television and broadcasters, on the mountaintops and in the city. Nobody knows the relationship of radio waves to cancer. There seems to be some connection. Cell phones are blamed for causing brain tumors. […]

Opinion: Leadership

I see an absurd polarization in the town among its elected and quasi-leadership. It would be an oversimplification to say it’s between liberals and conservatives or hillbillies and newbies or visitors. We need accountable, affordable, sustainable, and usable water, ambulance, fire, and recreation services, and hence the problem. It’s easy to acquire just one or […]

Opinion: The Tea Party

Obviously Mr. Hoffman is a student of history what with all those quotes from Thomas Jefferson. Likewise, I am a student of history and after considerable research I have discovered that the political movement called the Tea Party is not named after the Boston Tea Party as we suspected, but instead it is named after […]

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