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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Keeping us well informed

My love affair with the San Jacinto Mountains began when I was 9 years old and attending Girl Scout Camp at Azalea Trails. I spent 14 consecutive summers there ending the summer of my last year in college as a unit leader for a group of backpackers you remembered in your recent edition “Past tense,” […]

Opinion: Awesome coverage

Heartfelt appreciation goes to the Town Crier for the awesome job you did during the Mountain Fire crisis. We are part-timers with a home on Double View, and your website was a huge help in understanding the scope of the fire, the strategies used to battle it, and the mammoth efforts by firefighters to achieve […]

Opinion: Fire coverage was amazing

Kudos to the Town Crier and WNKI. Having lived here most all of our lives it was so hard to back out of our driveway and leave our home. The coverage provided by the Town Crier online was amazing. The updates and stunning photos kept us in touch with the fire’s progress. Even though some […]

Opinion: Defensible space still at issue

Mountain residents take note: Almost every home here fails to abide by Cal Fire-recommended clearances of minimum spacing between our trees of 15 feet. Some think the black forest should be their backyard. You threaten my family’s safety by not following Cal Fire reccommendations. Cal Fire tagged many homes with a defense document certifying whether […]

Opinion: Grateful for coverage

I just wanted to say I appreciate all the hard work and long hours you put in covering the fire. The Town Crier had the best and most detailed coverage. Scott Fisher Pine Cove/Palm Desert

Opinion: Outstanding coverage

I commend you for your outstanding coverage of the Mountain Fire and the pictures your fearless photographer took of the event. You truly served the members of the community. Paula DeBlanc Idyllwild/Escondido

Opinion: Mountain Fire updates

I have a brother living full-time and parents who are part-time Idyllwild residents. The San Jacinto Wilderness also is special to me for many years of backpacking in my youth and our marriage proposal 25 years ago. Our Temecula home has a wonderful view of the vineyards with the mountain beyond. Your “Breaking News” announcements […]

Opinion: Commissioners ignored voters

In response to your reader’s question who jokingly asked if Pete Capperelli dated my wife,  Pete’s a great guy.  I think he also was a pretty good real estate agent.  But the people of Idyllwild, in the last general election, voted him out of office.  All the fire commissioners who ran for re-election were rejected. The […]

Opinion: Evacuated businesses praised

I am writing to express appreciation to those business owners who followed the evacuation orders to leave Idyllwild like the rest of us. They clearly saw that our common good outweighed any personal gain that could have been made by staying. They did not see themselves as exempt from the rules, and by leaving when […]

Opinion: Advice to evacuees

For all of the locals who evacuated, I know that it is a hard thing to do, leaving the comfort of home and community, not knowing if your home will be there when you return — the anxiety, the stress of being off the Hill. Now that you have gone through the experience, you may […]

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