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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Over-pay not firefighters’ fault

In a recent letter to the editor and in editorial comments in this paper, one of Idyllwild Fire’s firefighters has been criticized for 1) making too much money, 2) playing too active a role in the affairs of the department and 3) failing to properly oversee the department’s budget and expenditures. The firefighter in question […]

Opinion: Lil’ Bruisers graduate

Does anyone remember the Lil’ Bruisers? Back in 1997, I returned to the U.S. and Idyllwild from Vienna, Austria, with my 2-year-old daughter Bethany. There was an ad in the Town Crier for a (toddler) playgroup. The amazing thing about this group was that they were all kids born between February and September 1995; 12 […]

Opinion: Banking SNAFU?

Last year, in January, my elderly mother lost her check book. When we contacted the bank, they quickly closed her account and opened another one for her. At that point, something went wrong. Instead of moving her money over to the new account, the BBVA adminstration changed her money into a “loan” and began charging […]

Opinion: What next?

I was saddened to hear of the dissolution of the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce. I understand the reasons and am appalled. I understand that they must rid themselves of all assets to finalize this action. What a sad event for our community. The Chamber of Commerce, one of our most valuable volunteer organizations, has been […]

Opinion: IFPD’s admin captain’s history

I don’t always agree with J.P.’s criticisms of IFPD, but his most recent opinion is one that has been ignored for years. The administrative captain promotion was approved by the board in 2013 after over three years of internal debate, possible legal action against the department and too much of (the public’s) IFPD’s limited legal […]

Opinion: In response to May 16 letter

Thank our great Constitution, because only prior litigation, licensing documents, state enforcement records and provable facts are used before grand juries in the United States. Undocumented character assassination and personal attacks upon one’s family have no place in grand juries. The election of politicians and the administration of politics, on the other hand, are inherently […]

Opinion: Music is unattractive

While Nancy Huber and others may find Western music attractive, others do not like it and would rather not be forced to hear it. I was glad to hear that at least three phone complaints came to Jo’An’s about the loudness of the music. If Jo’An’s actually cares about Idyllwild, what they should do is […]

Opinion: Calm down, all is not bleak

As I began reading Jeff Smith’s latest letter [see the May 9 issue of the Town Crier], I thought “Oh, boy, he’s at it again.” I covered the name of the sender as I frequently do with letters to the editor, trying to guess who the author is. But as I read on, I thought […]

Opinion: Opposes online public notices

I am enclosing a copy of my letter to the Assembly Judiciary Committee generally in opposition to AB 642 now before that committee. AB 642 would allow an exclusively web-based publication, with a staff of one spending time in Idyllwild, to qualify as a newspaper of general circulation in competition with you. I have always […]

Opinion: CSD not a solution to local services

OK, I haven’t written a letter to the editor in a awhile. I want to be positive; but when I see local corruption pushing itself off in the interest of property owners I get upset. Idyllwild Community Recreation Council wants a community center funded by property tax dollars (a recreation facilities use contract) and Idyllwild […]

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