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Past Tense: Nov. 10, 2011

Past Tense: Nov. 10, 2011

65 years ago – 1946 The E.H. Kincaides bought the Cole house nearing completion on the corner of River Drive. 60 years ago – 1951 Building started on the new Idyllwild Motel, a 10-unit structure on Pine Crest behind La Cantina. 55 years ago – 1956 An Arabian horse show climaxed Palm Springs’ Western Week. […]

Outside Idyllwild: PCT speed record and other stories …

Scott Williamson has set the new speed record for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). He completed the 2,627-mile trail southbound from Canada to Mexico in 64 days, 11 hours and 19 minutes. He hiked an average of 41 miles each day. He began his trek Aug. 8. In the northern-most State of Washington, he […]

Initial Thoughts: From Nov. 1, 1946, to 2011, 65 years proud …

Initial Thoughts: From Nov. 1, 1946, to 2011, 65 years proud …

Editor’s note: Ernie and Betty Maxwell wrote the column below for the Oct. 28, 1952 issue. In it, they discuss the production of the first Town Crier issue, Nov. 1, 1946. Seven Hallowe’ens ago Hillfolk gathered at Fern Valley Lodge in a startling array of costumes. The husky Poates boys appeared as slinky sirens and […]

Before Our Time: From lumber to recreation …

As this past summer’s well-deserved centennial celebration for Ernie Maxwell fades into memory, I’d like to focus attention on an equally fascinating Idyllwild pioneer: George B. Hannahs, Jr. His father was prominent in Michigan banking and lumber industries, eventually serving as state senator there before retiring to San Diego in 1887. Although George, Jr, was […]

Opinion: St. Petersburg Quartet concert at Idyllwild Arts

Being an ISOMATA [Idyllwild School of Music and Theater Arts, now Idyllwild Arts] alumnus of the 1960s, I can say audiences knew better than to clap between movements of a single work. The administration and teachers should immediately impart this knowledge to their students and at the very least note on future programs, “Please refrain […]

Opinion: Health insurance barriers

In the Oct. 20 issue of the Town Crier, [the author of one of the] letters to the editor asserts there is no excuse why anyone whose annual income is equal or greater than $50,000 would lack health insurance. I must conclude he is not acquainted with pre-existing condition clauses. Allow me to elucidate. These […]

Opinion: Who is community center for?

Property tax dollars belong to this town, not the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), Bill Sanborn or Marge Muir. ICRC must be a property owner elected group. It’s not a school, Bill or Marge, mandated by the State constitution. It certainly should not be for a bank account with Bob Lewis, Dawn Sonnier, or Chris […]

Creature Corner: Nov. 3, 2011

Creature Corner: Nov. 3, 2011

Ciao Bella! Our newest addition to ARF is Jack, an Italian greyhound/Chihuahua mix. Young and full of love, his eyes will melt your heart. Warning: once you have him in your arms, you’ll never let go.

Past Tense: Nov. 3, 2011

Past Tense: Nov. 3, 2011

60 years ago – 1951 Indians from the valley were gathering acorns in Strawberry Valley where the crop was tremendous. 55 years ago – 1956 Max and Bee Krone were featured in “The Instructor,” a teacher’s magazine. A section of their song arrangements appeared in several issues. 50 years ago – 1961 Movie studio technicians […]

Outside Idyllwild: Lake Fulmor photo safari …

In all the years I have known Les Walker, I have never seen him take a photograph. Les is a professional photographer and photo editor but he has never brought a camera when we went out hiking or took our trips out to Lake Hemet. Lake Hemet has always been one of my favorite spots […]

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