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Category: Opinion

Lifelines: Connecting to Life …

Editor’s note: This week, the Town Crier is proud to introduce a new column to our collection. Its subject will be connections and lifelines. Ted Ewing, Ph.D., is the director of program and curriculum at Idyllwild Pines. Beginning in 2012, this column will appear monthly. I had been buried under the burden of doctoral dissertation […]

Another Point of View: Light trespass or pollution

Editor’s note: On Dec. 20, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on the its proposed ordinance regulating nighttime light trespass, light falling across property lines. The Board voted unanimously to approved the ordinance. Hill resident Jeff Smith attended the hearing and offered the following comments. The ordinance states that inadequately shielded […]

Creature Corner: Dec. 29, 2011

Creature Corner: Dec. 29, 2011

Happy New Year from the many four-leggeds, and two, at the ARF house. If our pets could talk, what New Year’s resolution do you think they would have?

Outside Idyllwild: Way outside Idyllwild …

Outside Idyllwild: Way outside Idyllwild …

This town is much bigger than Idyllwild. So are the mountains and the streams look more like rivers. Still, I feel at home in Denver, Colo. It’s a frosty Christmas morning. I have just returned from a stroll in the snow covered park which has many bike and walking trails. The one we chose meandered […]

Opinion: Idy Rewards program

Come on! Really? There are scrooges among us. We enjoy going out to eat at our local restaurants on a daily basis. Then grab a movie every couple of weeks at the Rustic Theatre for the ridiculous low fee of only $8. We like to think it helps support the local economy. We were thrilled […]

Opinion: Altruism exists

During the holiday season, please take pity on poor Jeff Smith. In his Dec. 22 letter, “Volunteers have reasons,” in the Town Crier, he is unable to conceive that anyone would volunteer for service to the community without an ulterior motive. Like Ebenezer Scrooge before that fateful Christmas Eve, he delivers a hearty “Bah! Humbug!” […]

Outside Idyllwild: Changing time zones and other stories …

My off-the-Hill working adventure is almost ended. After one more day of working in the city, I will be happy to return to Idyllwild; but my stay will be short. On Thursday, for the first time in six years, I will be heading out of state for the holidays. All this traveling makes me want […]

Initial Thoughts: Christmas thoughts — past and present  …

Initial Thoughts: Christmas thoughts — past and present …

As we quickly approach the end of 2011, the Town Crier’s 65th year and the centennial of our founder, Emax, Ernie Maxwell, I wish to give you, our faithful readers, the gift of another Emax column. Below are his thoughts from Dec. 22, 1961. Sometimes the commerce of Christmas time overwhelms the truly important values […]

Sustainability: Cooking up a Healthier Planet …

At Idyllwild Arts Academy, we have begun to implement sustainable practices in many aspects of our campus life. Some of the greatest successes have occurred in our dining hall. We’ve become deliberate in sourcing our food locally, seasonally and in pursuit of organic produce. We have moved forward in establishing relationships with local farmers who can provide fresh, humanely raised and chemical free meat, poultry and eggs.

That Was Yummy! Turkey leftovers

In my home, turkey is the traditional Christmas dinner. I always enjoy a hot turkey sandwich with the leftovers. When we partake in the leftovers, it seems the tastes are more pronounced. My creative side allows me to try different dishes with the turkey, and turkey tetrazzini has become a favorite with my family and […]

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