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Category: Opinion

Opinion: A house divided

Last week [the Nov. 24 issue of the Town Crier], Kathy Lewis, in her letter, raised a lot of complaints regarding Town Hall’s current staff. Poor Ms. Swanson (current Town Hall helper) merely wrote the week before requesting a healing, for all of us to get together for the good of the children. [I felt] […]

Opinion: It’s not that bad!

Oh boy, so now we have an issue of the Town Crier that lets each of our crybabies vent at the same time. The Thanksgiving — four-day holiday [Nov. 24 issue] — brings all the tourists and second homeowners to the Hill. We are inundated by out-of-towners. And at a time when we should “put […]

Fire and Forest: Good Fire Chiefs …

In addition to a breathtaking mountain and an excellent Fire Safe Council, I am grateful for extremely competent fire professionals who make it possible for us all to live here. We are very fortunate to have chiefs who are fine leaders. I don’t have the background to assess their abilities as a peer would, since […]

Before Our Time: From lumber to recreation …

Although you won’t find them memorialized in a street name, there are three Idyllwild pioneers I regard most highly: George Hannahs, Claudius Emerson, and Ernest Maxwell. After profiling Hannahs and Maxwell recently, it’s time for me to focus on Emerson. A recent arrival in San Jacinto from California’s Central Valley, Claudius at 28 married Zelma […]

Creature Corner: Dec. 1, 2011

Creature Corner: Dec. 1, 2011

Paws up to Bobbi, the applehead Chihuahua, for prancing his way into his forever home. And three meows to Dawn, Dusk and Leonardo as they all will be purring together in their new forever home too. Well hello, Missy, and welcome back. Does anyone want to play with me? A young energetic aussie/pointer mix, Missy […]

Past Tense: Dec. 1, 2011

Past Tense: Dec. 1, 2011

65 years ago – 1946 Mrs. Huston at the Cedars Cafe in Fern Valley, beside Strawberry Creek, advertised that she wanted to trade a lawn mower for snowshoes. 55 years ago – 1956 Members of the class in government at Desert Sun School journeyed to the Hollywood Bowl to hear President Eisenhower speak. 50 years […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving 1565 to 2011

Thanks to what we learned in grade school, most of us probably think of our Thanksgiving holiday as a continuation of something started by the Pilgrims and their newfound Indian friends when they got together on Dec. 21, 1621 to feast and give thanks to God for a “bountiful harvest.” The celebration, which went on […]

Sustainability: How it started at Idyllwild Arts …

My first impression upon visiting Idyllwild, just over a year ago, was of the clarity and freshness of the light on the landscape. The landscape itself seemed raw and untouched, as if it had been formed far more recently than the burnished hills of New England from which I moved, and was little affected by the scouring forces of erosion, an observation that bears out geological fact. The presence of the landscape, its undeniable relief and texture, seems to reach everywhere in Idyllwild, in definite contrast to much of southern California. This unspoiled and ecological distinctive landscape of pines, oak and white fir is a unique refuge from pavement, big-box stores, and unrestrained and indiscriminate development omnipresent to our west, 5,000 feet below, and thousands of people seem to remember that every weekend.

Opinion: Whose community center?

As a small community, we are certainly not represented by ICRC/ICC [the Idyllwild Community Recreation council or the Idyllwild Community Center committee]. Since Idyllwild is not incorporated, we have no mayor nor council members to hear our complaints. We are relegated to sharing our complaints or praise in this quaint little newspaper. We can write […]

Opinion: Capparelli in the revolving door

Can someone please explain how local politics work around here? We just had a general election. It was well publicized and well debated. Our fire department is in financial trouble, going from $1 million in reserves to $60,000 with very little accounting. The people of Idyllwild spoke loudly, strongly rejecting and voting out their president, […]

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