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Category: Opinion

Initial Thoughts: Bureaucratic who’s on first? …

Initial Thoughts: Bureaucratic who’s on first? …

The following story is true. A behind-the-scenes exposé of the working relationship between the media and law enforcement agencies. Last Thursday, Gary Kuscher called and alerted me to a breaking story. He said law enforcement agents were in the midst of a marijuana eradication exercise in progress on Thomas Mountain. (I don’t have the creativity […]

Off the Cuff – One More Time: The ups and downs of life

You don’t get to be 82 years old without learning, often the hard way, that life is full of ups and downs. It could be as early as kindergarten when someone you really liked didn’t give you a Valentine’s Day card, or in high school when you realized that tomorrw was the beginning of summer vacation.

Practicing the art of the possible: Still hoping

Last Wednesday, I attended the discussion group that Hill residents Conor O’Farrell and Mark Yardas organized. It was my second time. Perhaps, like others, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but I was curious.

Practicing the art of the possible: Gathering of the minds

When Conor [O’Farrell] asked me to write briefly about my thoughts on the bimonthly discussion group, I was a little stumped as to what to say, unusual for me. So, I guess I’ll just tell why I got involved.

Opinion: Kudos to Chamber of Commerce

Yes, it was a wonderful Chamber of Commerce meeting last week. The atmosphere was professional and businesslike. The board members were united, but very open and looking to new ideas. Decisions were discussed and actions were made without long-winded speeches from a board member. And, best of all, the audience, concerned citizens and business owners, […]

Opinion: No to 4x4s here

It was with increasing horror that I read of Backcountry 4×4’s desire to map trails in our San Jacinto Mountains; it’s no surprise that Jeep and Toyota are supporting them. I imagine the destruction to habitat and to aesthetics, plus the increase in noise pollution we already suffer from the brigades of motorcycles. It’s not […]

Opinion: Audits without answers

As the mystery continues, and with so much money allegedly unaccounted for at IFPD, at what point does the audit clarify these issues or does the grand jury need to become involved? M. Farrell Idyllwild

Opinion: County service?

There should be no mystery about the county’s budget problems. In spite of having a monopoly, the county must still abide by basic economics and by that I mean, “Does the county provide a desired service at a fair price?” For example, I have a customer whose deck, after 50 years, finally needs to be […]

Opinion: No to CAL FIRE

I am very alarmed that CAL FIRE could take over our fire services. CAL FIRE, which used to be called CDF (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is still the official name], is responsible for the huge Cedar Fire in San Diego [which occurred in October 2003]. When the idiot hiker lit a flare […]

Creature Corner: Sept. 29, 2011

Creature Corner: Sept. 29, 2011

The mountain suits her style, as Lilly is a shepherd/husky mix. She has lots of good energy and, of course, her favorite pastime is being in the outdoors. This 8-year-young girl is gentle on the leash and loves to walk and ride in the car. She also loves to play in the snow. Pleasing her human is always on top of the list. Lilly can shake, sit, stay and loves children, cats and other dogs. Bring your leash, because this girl won’t last long.

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