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Category: Opinion

Opinion: Watching the county

I am responding to the letter from the new Town Hall employee, Susan Swanson [in the Nov. 17 issue of the Town Crier]. I agree with her that the children are our most important asset. I created and implemented the Forest Friends Preschool at Town Hall in 2005. I have been teaching children for over […]

Opinion: Property taxes and Idyllwild

Should IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] seek higher property taxes to pay its bills? Absolutely not! This won’t fix its crumbling foundation, enabled by careless and uncontrolled spending. Its employees are paid higher than any other firefighter in the region, in some cases more than double. They have a full ride on their retirements, an […]

Opinion: Smart Meters

Not so! I just recieved my Southern California Edison (SCE) bill dated Nov. 12, 2011, for service through Nov. 8. From Oct. 6 through Oct. 28 (22 days) I used 450 kWh (I have 23 photovoltaic panels, however that’s another story), which is an average use of 20.45 kWh per day, as recorded by my […]

Opinion: Gift giving 2011

As the pressure of gift giving approaches, many of us are starting to think beyond the traditional gifts. Consider supporting small businesses that provide services most of us need. Ideas include a gift certificate from the local hair salon or barber, a gift especially needed by the job hunter. An oil change or other maintenance […]

Past Tense: Nov. 24, 2011

Past Tense: Nov. 24, 2011

65 years ago – 1946 Mrs. Huston at the Cedars Cafe in Fern Valley beside Strawberry Creek advertised that she wanted to trade a lawn mower for snowshoes. • • • At Sanborn’s Market in the village, coffee was selling for 35¢ a pound, 5 pounds of potatoes was 19¢ and short ribs were 29¢ […]

Creature Corner: Nov. 24, 2011

Creature Corner: Nov. 24, 2011

ARF orphans’ wish list: a warm bed to call my own, plentiful food in my bowl, a kind human touch to my fur, the leash, treats, and most of all, that special car ride to my new forever home. Four paws up to Duke, the chow chow, for having his Thanksgiving wish come true.

Outside Idyllwild: Suzuki sleigh ride and other stories …

When you own a Suzuki Samurai with a white stucco paint job named Floyd, you know that car is meant for some hillbilly four-wheeling. With Les Walker at the wheel, you also know that you are going to be both thrilled and a little afraid. Once again, I get a text from Les that reads […]

That Was Yummy!: Slow cooker herb apricot stuffing

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. It revolves around food in my house. We had a tradition to prepare a wonderful meal. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember helping my dad in the kitchen early on Thanksgiving morning. We worked together to get the turkey ready to stuff and put […]

Another Point of View: A Little Perspective

I can respond to the “occupier” and Conor O’ Farrell in one fell swoop. These types of folks simply deplore this country and the framers’ ideas of free trade, small government and free-market capitalism. In addition to their hatred for what is the greatest country on the planet, they have no depth to their understanding […]

Outside Idyllwild: Winter hiking gear? Yes, you need it …

After the last couple of storms, it is time to break out your winter hiking gear. Even though we had only rain in Idyllwild on Saturday, you can see a fresh, glistening blanket of winter snow on the peaks surrounding us. That means any trail that heads into the high country will be covered in […]

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