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Category: Opinion

Opinion: Thank you for your help

Idyllwild Arts fully understands the entire process outlined in the recent letter from Susan Nash, and has in the past and will in the future comply with every expectation of the county planning and approval process. We thank her for her interest and welcome her comments during the public notice phase of our latest master […]

Opinion: Reflections on the 9/11 anniversary

A quote I found before the Iraq war started rings especially true today. This is from Dolia Gonzales, then age 73, upon learning that the survivor benefits of her son, Alfredo, who was killed serving in Vietnam, would be cut off, because she was his mother, not his spouse. “We — the common, average Americans […]

Opinion: Tone Deaf

What doesn’t the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), the Chamber, and the esteemed business community get? If ICRC wants the town to fund the development and day-to-day operations of a private convention hall — the “community center” — with property tax dollars, the town must own the building. And we must have the right to […]

Creature Corner: Sept. 15, 2011

Creature Corner: Sept. 15, 2011

Tails were wagging and motors purring this week at the ARF house. Chancy, the Lab/Aussie mix perked his ears up at just the right time and wagged his way into a perfect forever home. Paws up to you Chancy!

Past Tense: Sept. 15, 2011

Past Tense: Sept. 15, 2011

60 years ago – 1951 A county road crew was erecting concrete walls for a new bridge over Strawberry Creek at Fern Valley corners. 55 years ago – 1956 As summer was drawing to a close, many Idyllwild businesses went on a winter schedule, including the Town Crier, which published every two weeks in the […]

Outside Idyllwild: Where are they now again …

It is time once again to check in with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hikers, most of whom are nearing the end of their journey. A quick check on reveals that most of the remaining hikers are now counting the miles in hundreds instead of thousands and almost all the recent posts are from […]

Outside Idyllwild: Tramway excursion …

Outside Idyllwild: Tramway excursion …

Back in 1975, I took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up into the high country. I don’t recall the exact why or wherefore but I do remember enjoying the experience. After I found out that I could do the tram and back to Humber Park as a long day hike the cost of the tram […]

Off the Main Roads: Another safety program …

Off the Main Roads: Another safety program …

Many times when the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit (RMRU) gets called out, it is in conjunction with the California State Park for a situation that has taken place in its area. Over the past year, we have seen a steady decline in rescues within the state park. A new program, which Ranger Sue Neary started, […]

Initial Thoughts: We’re all on the “Hill” …

Sept. 11. “9/11.” We recognize either since September 11, 2001 became an infamous day in American history. Thousands of Americans died and thousands more of their families and friends suffered from the attacks on civilians. While the carnage occurred thousands of miles east of Idyllwild, our community was not isolated. The answer to the Town […]

Opinion: IWD and future water supply

I read the article “Idyllwild Arts plans more growth and less water use” and want to convey my understanding from many years working for the County of San Bernardino on these issues, about the process for obtaining a will-serve letter. To build anything over 100 sq. ft., one needs to obtain a building permit from […]

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