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Past Tense: March 13, 2014

Past Tense: March 13, 2014

65 years ago – 1949 Caretakers of the Bunker Ranch found themselves snowbound for seven weeks with dwindling provisions.   60 years ago – 1954 The Isaac Walton League built and installed 14 signs to warn motorists about deer on local highways.   55 years ago – 1959 More than 60 mountaineers attended a workshop, […]

Out Loud: Just one last bite …

The Ye family immigrated from mainland China, Shanghai, specifically, and took up residence in Idyllwild. In 1988, Freeman Ye took over the iconic Chinese restaurant on Cedar Street, Hidden Village. The award-winning chef created his own style of Chinese cooking — adapted for American tastes but more exceptional than most Chinese restaurants. Our children grew […]

Readers write: Kudos to the TC …

Editor: Kudos to the Idyllwild Town Crier for publishing such a comprehensive, quality print and online publication. I’m visiting the area for the first time, staying in our fifth wheel at Thousand Trails RV Resort and the first thing I did when coming in to town was buy a copy of your newspaper. I recently […]

Fire and Forest: Feds move to fix funding but homeowners still key …

“Facts are stubborn things,” as John Adams said, and a very stubborn thing over the last two decades has been how much we have spent on putting out forest fires. Not surprisingly, wildfire protection costs have risen substantially. A recent paper from Headwaters Economics puts the federal annual-average fire suppression cost during the 1990s at […]

Tax Tips: Self-employed retirement savings plans …

Saving for retirement has never been more important. The Social Security system is being placed under increasing strain as people live longer and the baby boomer generation retires. Federal deficits should increase as the costs of Social Security and Medicare skyrocket and now the Affordable Care Act is added to the federal budget. This is […]

Out Loud: Social media benefits …

When the power when out all over the mountain last Friday, Jack and I left the office for the wine bar so I could sit and update the situation on our website for our readers. During last summer’s fires, social media played a big role as an information source for people to ask questions and […]

Past Tense: March 6, 2014

Past Tense: March 6, 2014

65 years ago – 1949 With the help of a slide rule, Larry Smith estimated he had removed 8 tons of snow from his roof.   60 years ago – 1954 The snow pack in Tahquitz Valley, the survey team found, measured only 28 inches in depth.   55 years ago – 1959 Planes and […]

Creature Corner: March 6, 2014

Creature Corner: March 6, 2014

Two dogs were found near Lake Fulmor. Call ARF 951-659-1122. Lucy in the sky with diamonds … in her eye. She is a shiny, small black Lab-mix about 1 to 2 years old. This smart little girl has already learned the doggy door, and basic commands such as sit, stay and shake. She loves to […]

Readers write: Seek alternatives to Round-up© …

Editor: I read “Snakes arrive early at local animal sanctuary” with concern when the groundskeeper stated he has sprayed Round-up© and will need to make a large batch to control the weeds this winter. In the past two years, Spain and Denmark have confirmed the hazardous chemical in Round-up© has contaminated their ground water. There […]

Science and Reality Today: The placebo effect … my personal story …

  As some of you know, I am one of the 25 million people nationwide who suffer from asthma. Recently I had a major scare at the gym when, after a very intense workout, I started feeling the symptoms of an asthma attack coming. Only then did I remember  that I was out of my […]

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