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Category: Opinion

Opinion: Let’s help the kids

I am not working for Town Hall, rather I am using it as a taxpayer should. Town Hall is cooperating with me. All of my efforts are, as they always have been, for the children of our mountain communities, not just Idyllwild, and their activities. Anyone willing to help me — wonderful, contact me. Yong […]

Opinion: London riots

The riots that recently had London in flames were far removed from us here in Southern California, but maybe we can take a lesson from those events. Much has been said and written about how things should have been done differently. More force should have been used. It should have been used earlier. The legal […]

Opinion: For Measure G

Our country and human nature demand healthy debate when community decisions are required. Some would have you believe they know best and must be allowed to make critical decisions without debate just because you like them. Hemet city leaders last week said there must be a major overhaul in the management structure of the city’s […]

Opinion: Baseball

I have much to do these days. Yet, I find myself spending more time in front of the television. Why? It’s Little League World Series time. I will admit that I am a little bit nostalgic for those days. Even more, this is the way baseball should be played. No, they are not the most […]

Creature Corner: Aug. 18, 2011

Creature Corner: Aug. 18, 2011

By Mimi & Hooch All you need is love. And Ringo, our gray tabby, will give a purr and meow to that. He found his forever home and the love of human companionship and care. Leaves and sticks from the old oak tree were their toys. Home was under the beauty parlor building, amidst the […]

Past Tense: Aug. 18, 2011

Past Tense: Aug. 18, 2011

60 years ago – 1951 Dutton’s Corner Store, owned by Leigh and Maggie Dutton, opened its doors at Fern Valley Corners on the site of the former the Fern Valley Market. 55 years ago – 1956 At a ceremony held at the little Indian cemetery at Cahuilla, a marker on the grave of Juan Diego […]

Outside Idyllwild: Let’s do Lunch Rock …

The invitation or demand came in the form of a text message from Les Walker “You’re doing Lunch Rock with me tomorrow.” I sent a tentative response, “I did not know that.” Les replied, “8 a.m. … Meet Humber Park.” My one word answer, “OK.” Two things came into my head simultaneously. Texting is really […]

Opinion: Response to Pete Capparelli

You are a real estate man and, of course, you recognize the gain to property when millions of dollars worth of development are done right nearby. It’s my opinion, as I stated, there is a possible conflict of interest when the chairman of a private company, Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC), owns property right near […]

Initial Thoughts: Measure G hearing Monday …

In Europe, August is generally the month government and major businesses hibernate for summer vacation. Perhaps that attitude has changed to accommodate the global economy, but I doubt Europeans can compare their summers, especially August, with the Hill. Here, a vacation destination, residents, especially volunteers, have little time to relax while accommodating visitors. First and […]

Off the Main Roads: Five safety steps for climbing …

In this column, my Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit teammates and I usually focus on safety on the trails and the overall beauty of the high country. Never have we talked about the safety aspect of the core sport that makes Idyllwild a destination for people from around the world — climbing!

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