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Category: Opinion

TC can’t let go

Editor: “Many refused to vote for candidates,” read the damning headline. Refused? How about, “Didn’t vote for three candidates, only voted for two, or only voted for one?” Well, 37.10 percent of the Idyllwild Fire Protection District registered voters at least voted, which is pretty much in line with the turnout in both 2001 and […]

Getting to Idyllwild: Trains, Buses and Automobiles

Meanwhile, there’s a college kid behind me with a slack look on his face and ear buds dangling from his supposedly getting-educated face. He props his Vans against the back of my seat, already cramped with 6 feet, 3 inches of height and about that much girth, and regularly pushes to the beat of a silent alternative rock song. His shirt reads “Atomic Shrimp Peelings” with a picture of a tasty crustacean whaling on a lemon-and-butter keyboard.

Out Loud: The good side

It’s not all complaints from people who don’t like the facts you print or that you print both sides of their controversy. There really are many feel-good times in the running a small-town newspaper. For example, every day we get to see the good things that people are doing for our community — sometimes as […]

Fire and Forest: Renewing commitment; evacuation win …

If anything good comes out of the two major fires on the Hill this summer, I hope it’s a renewed interest and commitment in making our communities fire safe. The Mountain and the Silver fires should serve as reminders of our vulnerability. So I hope we again ask the question, “What can we do to […]

Boosting the state parks

In June, California Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird and California State Parks Director Major Gen. Anthony L. Jackson, USMC (Ret.), unveiled “Parks Forward,” a collaborative initiative to undertake a top-to-bottom evaluation to improve and sustain California’s state parks system. The effort responds to several issues involving misappropriation of the agency’s funding and a March […]

Out Loud: An inconvenience

My one good hand’s fingertips will be worn out by the time we finish this week’s paper — maybe even by the time I finish this column. My left is wrapped in a brace and dangling in a sling like a newborn puppy — without the cuteness. This all started in February when overcompensating for […]

Opinion: Fingerprints

Editor: If you want to be a volunteer sheriff’s deputy you will be fingerprinted and background checked. If you want to volunteer for Riverside County Fire you will be fingerprinted and background checked. Volunteer for Mountain Community Patrol and you will be fingerprinted and background checked. Heck, volunteer in your child’s classroom and you will […]

Opinion: IFPD commission at fault

Editor: The Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) is a wonderful asset to our community. I support IFPD. One reason is because locals elect the board and therefore we have resources here that do not exist in other small, rural towns. Regardless of what some may say, IFPD is better suited for this community than what […]

Opinion: Let’s take back our mountain

Editor: I was born and raised in Idyllwild with our family history going back to the 1800s. I have worked locally with several of our merchants and personally worked as a volunteer EMT for Pine Cove and Idyllwild for more than 14 years. The importance of local support could not be greater and the Town […]

Opinion: Keep local control of special districts

Editor: Riverside County has 61 independent California special districts — four California water districts, eight cemetery districts, one citrus pest control district, six community services districts, 10 county water districts, one fire protection district, four health care districts, two irrigation districts, three library districts, one metropolitan water district, two mosquito and vector control districts, five […]

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