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Category: Opinion

Outside Idyllwild: Butterflies of Idyllwild …

Outside Idyllwild: Butterflies of Idyllwild …

When it comes to taking pictures of butterflies, relying on luck only gets you so far. To increase my odds and bring the butterflies to me, I purchased two butterfly bushes and put them out in my front yard. I checked the bushes, which have beautiful flowers, morning, noon and night for two weeks with […]

Science and Reality Today: Sean Carroll, cosmologist …

Science and Reality Today: Sean Carroll, cosmologist …

As you may remember, I have cited the work of theoretical physicist and acclaimed author Sean Carroll in previous columns. Yet it wasn’t until recently that I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Carroll, one of the most recognizable popularizers of science today. So, without further ado, enjoy: HT: Good morning, Dr. Carroll. I am […]

Final Thoughts: A new form of open government …

I guess I must admit that I’m still the child who chides his parents for “not doing what you tell me to do.” For example, at the June 11 Idyllwild Fire commission meeting, President Jeannine Stigall commented that the commission had informed its public of the health care overpayments as soon as the commission learned […]

Opinion: Digging ditches for us

The Pine Cove Water District crew must be complimented for the outstanding and timely job they just completed. They laid 1,000 feet of water pipe along Ponderosa Drive digging a ditch along the shoulder of the road. The crew did such an outstanding job, If you weren’t aware of the project you would not be […]

Opinion: Advice for parade day

After working as a volunteer with one of the organizations that helps with the Fourth of July parade for many years, I would like to pass along some unofficial suggestions that may help some of you enjoy the holiday even more. 1. If you live in Fern Valley, plan to use Lodge and South Circle […]

Opinion: Pleasant surprise

What a pleasant surprise it was to see the picture of my mom on her 97th birthday in “Past tense” of last week’s paper. My mom loved that friendship bouquet and kept it on her table, where it always reminded her of all her wonderful friends. Mom was a vivacious and active woman all her […]

Opinion: A dog named Seager has hope

I stopped by ARF for a few minutes the other day and left in tears after meeting their latest rescue, Seager, a beautiful but worn-down purebred German shepherd. His good nature belies the treatment he has received at the hands of monsters who can hardly be called human. He has a damaged tail that must […]

Opinion: Don’t dump on Pine Cove

Pine Cove and Idyllwild should be united, together striving for fire safety. And you, our fire commissioners, have brought nothing but division, scandal and confusion. You are only trying to cover up a fiscal mess that you created and are responsible for. It is undemocratic and against public safety to charge us $300 more than […]

Before our time: An Idyllwild institution — the Chamber of Commerce …

An Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce with 700 members? Dream on! And yet….. Our Chamber’s recent demise piqued my curiosity about its origin. I found evidence that it existed as early as 1931, when Idyllwild was beginning to outgrow its identity as more or less a “company town,” benevolently directed by C. L. Emerson’s Idyllwild Inc., […]

Fire and forest: Fire season here/prevention setback …

Southern California jumped into the fire season with a large fire in the Angeles National Forest in early June. The Powerhouse Fire burned more than 30,000 acres in dense, mature chaparral just north of Santa Clarita. Fire Safe Council Board Member Norm Walker, an incident commander on the fire, told the council that the wind, […]

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