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Category: Opinion

Off the Main Roads: Permit? But I’m a local …

Next time you get annoyed when a ranger asks you for your permit, sit back and think for a moment. Do you like to hike our local trails? Look at the nice, smooth trail stretching out in front of you. It’s so easy to only see what is in front of us, and not all […]

Past Tense: June 13, 2013

Past Tense: June 13, 2013

65 years ago – 1948 Pala Indians had predicted 11 days of rain in May, but none fell. 60 years ago – 1953 Volunteers were asked to report to the Town Hall campfire area to build a platform and seats for the community campfire programs. 55 years ago – 1958 It was estimated that 25,000 […]

Creature Corner: June 13, 2013

Creature Corner: June 13, 2013

Hurray, Amadeus. He was lost for just a bit, and is now home with his very worried human pack. Missing is Sophie, a Belgian Shepherd Malanois, near the State Park on Highway 243. Found Sunday: three dogs near the transfer station. Call ARF to claim, (951) 659-1122. Tippycanoe, Tyler II, Tutti Frutti, Teddy Bear and […]

Another Point of View: What is happening at the Idyllwild Fire Department

Editor’s note: Following the story in last week’s edition and my column about the Idyllwild Fire Commission’s response to a Letter to the editor from Commissioner Dr. Charles “Chip” Schelly, we have received two responses. One, below, very thoughtful and specific, is printed as “Another point of view.” The second letter, briefer, but also sharing […]

Opinion: Could Schelly be that wrong?

Me thinks the ladies and gentlemen of the IFPD doth protest too much. Perhaps there was much truth in what Dr. Schelly wrote in the May 23 “Letter to the editor,” since there was such a strong reaction from the [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] firefighters’ commission. Dr. Schelly felt strongly about what he saw and […]

Opinion: Monsanto’s motives

I was pleased to see the Town Crier covering Idyllwild’s participation in the May 25 global March Against Monsanto. However, I was dismayed at the editorial comment the Town Crier tacked on to the end of the photo caption: “Locals take part in a national rally against the Monsanto corporation, which is drawing heavy protest […]

Initial thoughts: Freedom to disagree …

The May 28 Idyllwild Fire Commission meeting was frightening. Instead of addressing the district’s financial condition, the commission, employees and audience spent hours castigating Commissioner Chip Schelly for his May 23 letter to the editor. All of the speakers were appalled at Schelly’s comments because they inferred he was speaking for the board. But he […]

Fire and Forest: Greenwood Award, GSOB Training, and Goodbye to a Friend …

The Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council received the 2013 Greenwood Award for outstanding contributions to our regional environment. Karen and Richard Greenwood presented the award to us at the Idyllwild Earth Fair on May 23. We are very grateful for this recognition. In line with the spirit of the award, we continue to cope with […]

Past Tense: June 6, 2013

Past Tense: June 6, 2013

65 years ago – 1948 Due to error, Dick Elliott’s name was omitted from the ballot in the school district election. But the diligence of his supporters resulted in 160 write-in votes for Elliott, and he won. 50 years ago – 1963 A Lynwood glider pilot unexpectedly set his craft down on a green at […]

Creature Corner: June 6, 2013

Creature Corner: June 6, 2013

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Charlie, happy birthday to you. Charlie celebrated his very first birthday June 1. He is a male Jack Russell-mix in love with life. And life to Charlie is all about playtime, walks and toys. Charlie had only one birthday wish: To have his very […]

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