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Past Tense: Feb. 14, 2013

Past Tense: Feb. 14, 2013

65 years ago – 1948 Saturday was designated Idyllwild Day at the County Fair and Date Festival. Idyllwild had a booth containing a chukker partridge and a ring-necked pheasant, plus samples of Pinecraft furniture. 60 years ago – 1953 Emsy Dunn’s class, studying California history, went panning for gold in Strawberry Creek. All the students […]

Opinion: Volunteers help in many ways

Friday, Feb. 8, marked three years since Will Johnson, my husband and partner in life, and I were in a bad car accident at the beginning of our return to Idyllwild on Highway 74. Suffice it to say, Will was in Desert Regional Hospital for three weeks, and I for six weeks, recovering from injuries. […]

Opinion: A consequence of a gun culture?

We all came to her house. The sight of dried blood stains unavoidable on the street where she bled out and died. Where they all bled out and died. So many tears. We, her sisters and brother stayed in her now silent home. All around reminders of the vibrant life so recently lived. Her garden […]

Opinion: Are bobcats and foxes predators?

I can’t understand why the California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to kill bobcats and foxes. They will be offering classes to do just that next month. As far as I know, neither bobcats nor foxes present a threat to humans and their numbers are actually declining, so why is the Department of Fish […]

Outside Idyllwild: A day at the beach …

Most of the baby boomer generation was in high school or college in the the mid- to late 1960s. This was a time of great social upheaval and also the time when the young people of America tried to “get back to the land.” Everything from the past was suspect and catch phrases such as […]

American Tax Relief Act, part 2

After finishing my first article on the American Tax Relief Act of 2012 (see the Jan. 10 issue of the Town Crier) I realized that there were several important provisions that I still needed to discuss. Cancellation of indebtedness income is taxable unless an exclusion applies. The principal residence exclusion for up to $2 million […]

Creature Corner: Feb. 7, 2013

Creature Corner: Feb. 7, 2013

And then there was one. Paws up to Noah, the male puppy for wiggling, wagging, and wishing your way right into a forever home. That leaves Olivia, four months old and ready to snuggle right into your arms. These puppies are in Mt. Pawley Tech U. here in Idyllwild, and are A+ students. Baby Girl […]

Past Tense: Feb. 7, 2013

Past Tense: Feb. 7, 2013

65 years ago – 1948 The two-man Forest Service staff, Ranger Don Bauer and Fire Control Assistant Bill Hersh, hiked six hours to Martinez Mountain to check a fire started when a P-80 military jet crashed and exploded. 60 years ago – 1953 The American Legion picked a site between Idyllwild and Mountain Center for […]

Fire & Forest: The threat to our oaks …

There is a current and real threat to most of the oaks in our community — the GSOB or the Goldspotted oak borer. This beetle has killed tens of thousands of oaks in San Diego County, and has now been positively identified in Idyllwild. So far it has been found in three trees around the […]

Before Our Time: Photographers record history …

Fortunately for present and future Idyllwild residents, much of the Hill’s history is preserved in photographs. We’ve seen more than our share of outstanding photographers through the years, but the most familiar name is Gray. Father and son, Ernest Benjamin (“E.B.”) Gray and Robert (“Bob”) Gray left a legacy expressed largely in their picture postcards […]

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